Microsoft Outlook is a famous email client and a personal information management software used to send and receive emails on your computer. It is a free web-based software that provides an efficient email service. It can perform various services, from scheduling your calendar and journal logging to managing and calendaring your tasks.

However, despite being such a popular email client, users often face issues when Windows 10 search stops working. This is because the search tool of Windows 10 keeps getting updates that either increases or decreases its integration of both Cortana and File explorer. These changes can lead to glitches that might cause problems with the search tools. This might be due to a simple software problem. Other causes could be related to network or any service interruption.

You can try the steps mentioned below to fix the outlook email:

  • First, have your internet connection checked. This is the first reason your Windows 10 might not be working, and you can fix this by either switching on your internet service or fixing the connectivity range f your router.
  • Restart your gadget. This can allow rebooting your device or get rid of any minor issue causing bugs in your device. In addition, this flushes all the cache and glitches related to the disk that can affect the system performance. Also, always try restarting your device rather than shutting it down, as the latter can send your gadget into hibernation mode.
  • Try switching Cortana on and off: Cortana and Window’s ten search functions are inter-related, and switching it on and off can fix outlook issues with Windows 10.
  • Troubleshooter: Try running Windows Troubleshooter that can fix almost every problem you face and provide you directions on how to solve it. It can help you pinpoint any particular source that might be causing the issue.
  • Open the start menu and select settings.
  • Select Update and Security
  • Open Troubleshoot
  • Select Search and indexing
  • Click on the Run the Troubleshooter
  • Check if the search service is running. You can press Win+R to launch the Run window; after launching it, type ” Services. msc” and then press Enter. After the Search Window appears, you can scroll down the list of services to locate Windows Search. If it’s already running behind, you can right-click it or tap and hold the icon and select Restart later. And it is disabled; you need to right-click or double-tap and hold and select Start.
  • Try to sort Windows 10 search indexing options. Select Indexing Options from the main menu, select Advanced, and then click on Rebuild. However, the rebuilding process can require some time to finish as it depends on the size of your drive and how occupied it is.

If the steps mentioned above still do not satisfy your query, you can avail yourself of some more Cortana help tips or try resetting your Windows entirely.

Steps to fix issues relating to Windows search outlook have been mentioned above. Follow the steps mentioned above to troubleshoot your issues effectively.