Installing Windows 7 is an easy task that anyone can manage to do by themselves. Now, you don’t need to be a skilled professional or refer to a confusing manual to do so. You can install Windows 7 with ease from a flash drive or disc. You can upgrade to Windows 7 from an older version of Windows as well. Installation can wipe out all the data off your PC. upgrading will allow you to keep all your data and restore an older version of Windows with Windows 7.

In this guide, you can find simple steps to install windows 7 instantly on your PC.


Restart your computer

1. Press Del, Esc, F2, F10, or F9 once it restarts

Depending on the model and the make of your PC, pressing these buttons right after you turn on your computer will enter the system BIOS.

2. Find your BIOS’s boot options menu

The boot options in the menu of your BIOS might differ in name or location. But you will eventually find it if you search around.

3. Select the optical disk drive as the boot device of your computer

The boot options menu is a menu of portable device names where you should set your CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray drive as the boot device.

Put the installation disc of Windows 7 in the disc drive

Save the changes in the settings

Press the button on the screen and select the save option from the BIOS menu to save your configuration.

Restart your computer

After you place the disc into the disc drive, restart your PC. When the PC starts, if you are asked to click any key to boot from your disc, do so. After you choose the option of starting from the disc, Windows Setup will begin to load.

If you aren’t asked to boot from the disc, you might have done something incorrectly. Go over the previous steps once again to make sure that you have selected the correct drive in the BIOS boot menu.

Choose the options for Windows Setup

Once the Windows Setup has been loaded, you will be presented with a window. Use the drop-down menus to chose your keyboards type, preferred language, and time/currency format. Once done, click Next in the lower-right corner.

Click the ‘install now’ button and accept the given License Terms

Once you have gone through the Microsoft Software License Terms, click the checkbox next to I accept the license terms, and then click ‘Next’ in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Opt for the Custom installation

The custom installation option allows you to do a fresh install of Windows 7. This will delete all your files on the installation drive. If you do not wish to erase all your files, select ‘upgrade’ instead. This option requires an existing Windows installation.

Select a partition and hard drive on which you want Windows installed on

A hard drive is the physical part of your PC that stores data and partitions “divide” hard drives into separate sections. Click the partition or hard drive that you want to install Windows 7 on.

You must install Windows on your preferred hard drive and partition

In case once you’ve decided on where to install Windows, select it and click ‘Next. Now, soon the Windows will begin installing. And then, Your computer may start and restart several times during the installation process.

Installing Using an External drive or Flash Drive

Connect a USB drive to your PC. Move any other files from the drive. Make sure that the flash drive has no miscellaneous files on it before copying the Windows ISO file.

  • Download the Windows 7 Setup ISO. An ISO file is the data from a DVD, CD, or Blu-ray drive. Click Install to install the program. Also, once the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool has finished downloading and installing, open the program from the Windows Start menu.
  • Select the Windows 7 ISO file. Choose the ISO file screen of the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, then click ‘Browse‘ and afterward navigate to the save location of the Windows 7 ISO file and select it. Then click Next to continue.
  • Click USB device. It would be a blue button in the lower-right corner of the “Choose Media type:” screen.
  • Select the USB flash drive and click ‘begin copying.’ After doing so, follow the same steps you would for the installation disc.
    Go through this blog if you want to find out the ways or steps to install windows 7. Read the blog to know more about the same. It will help you develop a basic understanding and the common yet effective ways to troubleshoot the error instantly without any fuss.

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