Now in this age of email, managing mails has become quite tough for us. Moreover, the spammers are always ready to fill up our inbox with their spam mails. In the time of rush or for some important work it has become problematic to find the exact mail we are looking for. If you want to know how to block emails on AOL read the following to make sure you do the things properly.

When your email inbox is full with unwanted messages you’ve the option to delete those manually. But this could be really time consuming. Instead of that, you can use the features to manage the mails that are already there in AOL. Whether you want to know how to block emails on AOL in mobile apps or in a web browser there is a way out for both. It’s not that tough or you don’t need any expertise to block emails on AOL. You just need to go step by step to complete the blocking procedure.

What is AOL?

Before get into the details of handling the emails on AOL, we need to know what exactly the AOL is. AOL is an American web portal and online service provider based in New York City. The full form of AOL is ‘America Online’, which is the most recognized brand on the web in the United States.

How to block emails on AOL in a web browser:

The best way to avoid unwanted email is to mark those as spam, so that mails from the sender won’t be stored in the inbox. Whenever that particular sender would try to send you an email, that mail will be deleted automatically.

  1.       First of all, Log On to your AOL email account through your web browser.
  2.       Select any of the messages from the sender whose emails you want to block.
  3.       Now click on the “Remove the sender and mark as spam” button.
  4.       By selecting the option all the future messages will be deleted and won’t reach your mail inbox. The sender will also disappear from your contact list.

Instead of selecting individuals as spam, there is another way out: How to block emails on AOL you should know about, which is very convenient and involves the creation of email filters.

  1.       First, go to the ‘Option’ section of the email.
  2.       Then find the “Mail Settings” option.
  3.       Finally choose the option of “Block Senders”.
  4.       Now enter the user’s name or email address you want to block and add it “+” to the block list and click on the “Save Settings” button.
  5.       Repeat the process for as many senders you want to block.

How to block emails on AOL in a Mobile App?

Just like blocking emails in a web browser, it’s very much convenient to block emails by using AOL mobile apps. You just need to go through the following steps to block emails on Android and iOS.

  1.       First, you need to open the AOL app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2.       Tap an email from a sender whose email messages you want to block.
  3.       Tap the three-dot (…) menu at the bottom-right of the screen.
  4.       Now select the “Mark as Spam” option from the menu chart.
  5.       You can repeat the process for blocking as many emails you want to block.

How to Block emails on AOL from all senders except your contacts?

For those AOL email users, who want to communicate with a selected number of contacts; such as their family members, their friends or colleagues from their workplace, they can control the traffic to their email inbox very easily. They have the convenience to block emails on AOL from all senders except their contacts. There is such a straightforward way to do the process.

  1.       First, log on to your AOL email account through your web browser.
  2.       Then look out for the “Mail Settings” option.
  3.       Choose the “Block Senders” option.
  4.       Now select the “only accept messages from people in your contacts” option.
  5.       Finally click on the “save Settings” option to complete the process.

If you mark the unwanted emails as Spam as soon as you receive it in your inbox, this could make your email surfing easier. As you can find the important one quickly whenever you need it. At the initial stage this seems to be time consuming, but in the long run it would be more convenient for you to use your AOL email.

Whenever you decide to Block suspicious emails on AOL, this would lead you to a safer web browsing. Because there are a lot of fraudsters on the web who are trying their bit continuously to find and attack their soft targets through emails primarily. Their main trick is to make you download some malware or click on a dangerous link. Which unfortunately can lead you to cyber fraud and your personal and financial data can be in the wrong hands. So, be very careful and always try to follow some basic points.

  •       Regularly clean your AOL inbox from unwanted mails.
  •       Never reply to any suspicious mail.
  •       Don’t click or download any link from unknown sources.
  •       Always use strong and unique passwords and try to change that frequently.


Learning how to block emails on AOL is just as easy as surfing the mails. AOL has its own features which are very convenient as well. You just need to follow the exact steps to complete the ‘blocking unwanted email’ process, as there is no rocket science behind that. So, be safe and happy browsing.