An Email has been present in our lives for so long that nowadays, it is even difficult to imagine how to live without it. People have been exchanging emails since the 60s. With the current technologies in cell phones, e-mails are still the most used form of communication in the corporate environment. Many still don’t even know what an email server is.

What is an email server?

An email server is a hosting email service on which they are stored. These services are responsible for directing an email from a sender to its recipient.

Different email protocols can be used. E-mail protocols are the rules that organize and govern the synchronization of communication between two computer systems. That is the protocol of e-mail that controls and enables data transfer between the recipient and the sender. Without the protocol, there is no way to send an email from one person to another. There are at least four types of email protocols used on machines worldwide: COX, SMTP, POP and IMAP, each with its particularities and functions. Below we will discuss COX email settings on different devices.

Cox Communications is one of the largest cable and Internet providers in Cox USA and provides Internet subscribers with the option to create a custom Cox email address. To set up a Cox email account, you will need an account to access your account number and PIN. If you do not have your Cox account, you will have to call your regional Cox customer service office to obtain this information.

Cox Email users can access their email in three ways: online access at, Android and iOS email clients, and email client software for Windows and macOS. Since many people prefer to access their Cox emails on various email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird (providing the latest technologies and unique features used by these email clients), they often encounter this “request password”. If you also access your email through Outlook or Thunderbird, make sure you use the correct Cox Mail settings.

This guide will take you through the necessary steps to Change COX email settings. Come on!

  1.   How to change COX email settings on android?

If you are using a device with an Android operating system, accessing your COX email from anywhere is easy. However, you need to do some manual settings to start sending and receiving emails from your custom address.

Android devices require you to sign in to a Google account to use the company’s services, including Gmail. It means that you will automatically be logged into your primary Gmail account when you Change COX email settings for the first time. However, before proceeding with setting up a new account, make sure you have the latest version of the app:

  •       Open the Google Play Store from the home screen of your Android phone.
  •       Enter Gmail in the search bar and then click Update. If you don’t see an Update button, your app is already on the latest version.

Note that the appearance of Android COX email apps may vary between different devices. If you use a Samsung phone, which has Samsung Mail as its default email app, these steps will serve as a general guide. After all, the process will be slightly different on these devices.

Here are the steps to Change COX email settings on the same Android device:

  •       Open the Gmail app.
  •       Click the Google Account icon in the screen’s upper-right corner, then select Add another account.
  •       On the Configure Email screen, select Google.
  •       Enter your secondary Google account address in the login field and press next.
  •       Enter your password and press next again.
  •       Google will ask if you want to add a phone number for additional security. Hit the Yes, I’m In button.
  •       You will see the Google Terms of Service screen. Select I Agree

This way, you can Change COX email settings simultaneously using the same Android device.

  1. How to change COX email settings on iPhone?

When we buy or migrate to a new smartphone, one of the first things the system asks for is registering an email account in a quick and straightforward process. But once you’ve done this quick setup, you don’t have to forget about it and leave everything as it is. There are several options to customize your email accounts and make them your own. For example, you can configure what will appear in the preview on the lock screen, what action will be performed on the drag movement, the style of bookmarks, your signature, and much more. Here we have prepared a tutorial on how to Change COX email settings on iPhone. Check out!

  •       Select the Settings button on your home screen
  •       Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars option
  •       Then select the desired email account
  •       After selecting, it displayed several options to Change COX email settings, such as synchronization of contacts, calendars, reminders, etc.

Use these simple settings to change your email server?

  1.   How to change COX email settings on iPad?

Usually, the owners of Apple equipment have mail configured by default because it is tied to an Apple ID account even when the device is first launched. And this email address is fixed in the cloud storage. Even if a person buys a new smartphone or tablet, it will be enough for him to enter his login with a password, and the mail will activate itself.

But this does not work if you have several mailboxes from different providers, such as COX or If they are not initially connected to an Apple ID, they will have to be added manually to the system.

It is possible in two ways:

  •       Specify the parameters of the mailbox and mail server in the system settings so that correspondence from the conditional COX comes to the built-in iOS mail client.
  •       Download from the App Store, an email client from the same COX or Google.

Connecting COX to a third-party device is easy. Previously, this only required specifying personal data in the built-in mail client. Still, you need to change the COX email settings interface and only then proceed to the settings directly in the iPad settings.

First, you need to select a data transfer protocol on the official COX website. To do this:

  •       Go to the official website of COX and enter your username and password to open the mailbox.
  •       Settings icon in COX email
  •       After that, click on the six-shaped icon in the upper right corner to go to the box options.
  •       In the pop-up window, click on the link “Other”.
  •       Link to other COX email settings
  •       In the sidebar of the window that opens, look for the “Mail Programs” tab and go to it.
  •       Then Change COX email settings.

When you have finished changing the security settings in the cox email web interface, you can proceed to connect the mailbox to iOS.

  1. How to change COX email settings on mac?

To Change COX email settings on a MacBook with iOS Operating System, follow the steps below:

  •       Access the gear icon – System Preferences.
  •       Select the Internet Accounts option.
  •       Select the Add Other Account option.
  •       Select the COX Mail account option.
  •       Fill in the information:

Name – Account Name (example: Real Estate Example)

COX Email – Username (example: )

Password – Email password

Click Sign In.

  •       Select the Account Type.

Email – Username (example:

Username – Account Name (example: Real Estate Example)

Password – Email password

  •       Click Sign In.
  •       Select the COX email option and click done.
  •       The Popup below will open automatically. Click Close.
  •       Now, if you need any changes, Change COX email settings.

Your webmail is set up on your MacBook!

Essential features COX email provider must have:

  •       Offer the possibility to use the public domain of your company
  •       Webmail must use an SSL connection to communicate between your computer and the server;
  •       Allow messages to be synchronized between multiple devices with simultaneous updates
  •       Store messages, contacts and calendars in the cloud
  •       Have good space for storing messages for each of the users
  •       Include in the contract the SLA level of the service (Availability Guarantee), defining the financial penalties if it does not meet the SLA
  •       Have a practical and fast channel for technical support
  •       Have malware and spam control and prevention tools that are effective.

We have seen how important it is for a business to have an email using its own public domain and how harmful a free email can be. Having a business email isn’t just for big corporations, and it’s not even that expensive. Migrate your email solution to a business email solution is within the reach of everyone, from an Individual Micro Entrepreneur to medium-sized companies, everyone should use a corporate email service.


E-mail is the most essential and most used advents of the Internet. Its importance is indisputable and it is one of the most used communication tools, which is why it is one of the few services that will not give up. On the other hand, there are common occurrences and problems, which may have their causes easily identifiable for applying the respective solutions. Find out the ways to Change COX email settings.