Emails are the only conveyance to good networking. With any email service provider like Outlook you can send any number of emails throughout the day. What makes your mail different from others then?

If you are one such user who wants to make their emails stand out then you should know “how to change email signature in outlook?” You are in the right place then!

Changing a signature in Outlook email messages gives your account a more professional appearance and feel. A professional signature on your email account conveys the message that you will behave yourself in a similarly professional manner. It will no longer be necessary to include a signature on every email message that is sent. You should include your name, contact information, a link to your website, and photos in your signature. In business emails this email signature will convey business information.

It’s ok until a question comes up like “How to change email signature in Outlook mail?” or something similar.


The phrase “signature” refers to a combination of words, characters, and aesthetically attractive visuals that serve as a personal identification. It is mostly used by business professionals to conduct their daily operations. Once setup, the Outlook add-on Change my signature in Outlook will become available to you.


One of the most important characteristics of a good signature is to keep the Signature Clean and Simple. The basics in this case are your first and last name, the name of your firm and your position, and your phone number. Optionally, you may provide a link to your website and the location of your company. Outlook too has kept room for changing email signatures with ease in no time.

Changing your signature and refusing to use your present one is as easy as flipping a pancake when you decide to do so.


Traditionally, computers, desktops, or even laptops, have a pretty large screen that makes it simple to view emails. The following is the procedure to change signature in Outlook 2016 and change signature in 365 which is more or less similar on a desktop.

To make changes to your signature in Outlook using Windows, follow these steps:

  •     Start up Microsoft Outlook.
  •     Select “File,” “Options,” “Mail,” and then “Signatures” from the menu bar.
  •     Select the signature you want to modify and click on it.
  •     You have changed your signature and you are now good to go.


Creating or change outlook email signature in android is quite comparable to doing so in the desktop version, although the editor’s flexibility is somewhat reduced.

To add or change outlook email signature on android, follow these steps:

When it comes to adding or changing an email signature, the interface is almost same across all platforms.

  •     The Outlook programme should be opened, and then you should choose File > Menu from the top left corner of the window. In the menu, choose the gear symbol (this will open the Settings menu).
  •     In Outlook Mobile, the Settings icon is located on the toolbar.
  •     Scroll down to the Mail section of the Settings menu and choose Signature from the drop-down box.
  •     A simple signature may be created in the Signature window using the on-screen keyboard, which is accessible through the menu bar. The signature is simply text-based; there is no ability to style the fonts or upload images with it
  •     The Done button completes the process.

To save your signature, choose done from the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the screen. Now, whenever you open a new email message to send, you’ll see that the signature will automatically display at the bottom of the email message. Use of numerous email accounts may be accommodated by configuring a different signature for each account. Depending on the account you’re logged into, the signature will show on the screen automatically.


Besides Microsoft email accounts, the Outlook mobile software for ios also supports email accounts from non-Microsoft providers, such as Gmail and Yahoo. You may use these steps to know how to change Outlook email signature on iphone in a jiffy.

If you want to and have a unique signature for each of your email accounts, follow these steps:

  •     Open the Outlook app and then press the profile symbol in the upper-left corner to see your information. To access the three-line menu in previous ios versions, hit the three-line menu icon.
  •     Select Settings from the drop-down menu (the gear icon).
  •     Continue scrolling until you reach the Mail section. Signature may be accessed by tapping it.
  •     Remove the existing signature from the Signature screen and replace it with a new signature.
  •     Settings and signature images were captured on screen.
  •     Tap the back arrow to return to the Settings screen when you’re finished.

Signatures show in the Signature section after the addition of a new signature. It is not possible to see the signature if Per Account Signatures is turned on.

The question of “how can I change signature in Outlook mail” will be a piece of cake for you if you’re an Outlook user who places a high importance on consistency and believes that creating, modifying, and altering your signature displays your professionalism. The ability to attach signatures to emails is not available in all email applications, which is a problem for certain users. Signatures are straightforward to create and use in Outlook, whether on a mobile device or on a desktop computer.