Your profile picture is one of the essential elements of your Facebook account. However, it might be time to update a new photograph if your profile image on Facebook was taken from your high school yearbook. After all, the first thing to get the attention of others is a profile image on Facebook. Other identical named users also distinguish you. But how can you modify a Facebook profile image? And you could hide it from your schedule? Continue to read to learn. Changing a profile picture on Facebook is relatively simple. Just follow the steps below:

  • Open and log in to your account on Facebook.
  • Click the “What is in your thoughts” symbol or the arrow in the top right corner to get to the profile page and choose “View your profile.”
  • Tap the image profile and choose “Profile photo update.”
  • Two choices will be available. Now, to upload a new image from your device, click on “Upload photo.” Or select the photo from a list of proposals that you already published on Facebook.
  • Tap the ‘Save’ button.

How to Lock Facebook Profile on Your Android or iOS App and Website

Here you will get to learn about the most straightforward approach to how to lock facebook profile on Android, iOS, and mobile websites. 

How to Lock Facebook Profile on Android?

The Android application from Facebook makes it easy to lock your stalker profile. This is a step-by-step lock facebook profile guide:

  • First, tap your profile and open the Facebook app.
  • Next to the Add to Story area, press the three-dot menu.
  • The ‘Lock Profile’ option is available here. Tap it, and the Lock Profile page will be presented to you.
  • To confirm, tap ‘Lock Your Profile.’

This now locks your Facebook profile. The same methods you have stated above can also be taken to unlock it.

How to Lock Facebook Profile on iPhone or Website?

Unfortunately, in Facebook’s iOS application, there is no such option on how to lock FB profile. However, a workaround is available for it. You may lock your profile using the mobile browser. The following steps are all you need to do:

  • Type and log into your mobile browser.
  • Then navigate to the option Edit Profile.
  • You’ll see the menu with three points. Tap it and go to the option Lock Profile.
  • It takes you to a new page, where you can see how your locking works, and the button at the bottom locks your profile. To lock your profile, click on it.

Read this blog if you want to find out how to lock your profile on Facebook. Go through the steps that are given above, as you would be able to find the answer to the significant questions like, how to lock your Facebook profile?