Printers are not without utility. Almost all the printers under the sun need to be connected to a printer to carry out orienting needs especially in home and workplace. Printers are nearly everywhere nowadays. Although not a newborn, with technological end number of firms create printers all over the world. Brother Industry is one out of several. Japanese corporation by origin however one may get access to it at any corner of the planet.

However, it is not without obstacles. Brother printer customers have reported the problem “brother printer not connecting to PC” increasingly often.

A common question that wraps around the head of many users that brother printer cannot connect to PC. This article is a perfect fit for you if you are one of them.

Today, printers are almost everywhere. Despite the fact that printers aren’t new, an increasing number of firms throughout the world are producing them thanks to advances in technology. The Brother Industry is only one of a number of different businesses. Although it is a Japanese firm, it is available all.

Even if it’s very simple to connect a Brother Printer to a computer or laptop, there are occasions when it fails to work even after you’ve tried all the known methods. Brother Printer Drivers are not installed or updated; network or Wi-Fi connection difficulties; Brother Printer Software Installation challenges; and USB cable issues are all possible causes.

It is common for Brother Printers to include a CD/DVD ROM with instructions on how to install Brother Software and Drivers. For those who don’t have access to a CD/DVD ROM drive or don’t have a computer (laptop) with a CD-Drive, the Wireless Setup Guide may be skipped. Connecting a Brother printer to a computer is easy if you have the printer’s CD or DVD handy (Laptop).

  •       To get started, insert the Brother Printer CD or DVD into the CD drive.
  •       Decide on your printer’s model number. Choosing an appropriate model by connecting the Brother printer to the PC
  •       Choose a Language to Speak or choose your preferred language
  •       Allowing user account controls is the last step in this process.
  •       Allow the setup to finish, and then choose “Yes” to accept the terms of service.
  •       Click on the standard and yes to connect Brother printer to the computer

You must restart your computer to finish the installation of the drivers before you can use your PC/Laptop with the device. After the computer has been restarted, try printing a test page to see whether the printer is functioning or paving way to an issue brother printer not connecting to PC.

However, brother printer cannot connect to PC is not an unusual for users across the globe. A new Brother Printer typically has trouble connecting on the first try. The most common query is “why is my brother printer not connecting to my PC?” Faulty printers or printers that won’t print from my computer have the following causes: –

  •  Bad Hardware: Brother Printer not connecting to PC might be caused by malfunctioning hardware. Hardware issues often prevent printing. Old printer driver an ancient printer driver version. Printer drivers enable your computer to communicate with your printer. Also called printer drivers. Even if you loaded your printer driver from the included CD, changes in your computer’s setup or operating system might create problems.
  •  A brother printer may also fail to print due to setup errors or a physical defect. Assure that the printer has enough paper and ink or toner, and that the paper tray is closed. It’s also conceivable that your printer is stuck due to a paper jam.
  •  Poor USB to PC connection. Possibly a loose USB or a broken USB port. A USB printer port enables a printer to be linked to a computer through a USB connection. When a USB plug is placed into the port, it connects to a USB port on the computer. No need for a bulky printer wire to connect to a computer’s parallel port.

It is not difficult to fix a broken brother printer that won’t print from a pc. The fast remedies will help you examine your printer and make it work properly:-

  1. First, check the printer and computer connections. If your printer is USB-connected, just re-plug it and try another USB port if the first one fails. Make sure your computer and wireless Brother Printer are on the same Wi-Fi network. If none of these are present, the Brother printer will not connect to the PC.
  2.  Your computer’s default printer generally works. So set your Brother printer as your default printer. The Print Spooler must be restarted to avoid defective Brother Printers. Print Spooler service failure prevents printing to your Brother printer. To reactivate your printer, restart this service.
  3.  Examine your Brother printer to check whether it returns to normal. If the issue persists, check your printer driver. Install a new printer driver. A bad or outdated printer driver causes many printing issues. If your Brother printer isn’t functioning, try updating its driver to see if the issue is rectified.
  4.  How to repair “Why my brother printer won’t connect to PC?” by clearing the print queue. A failed or stalled print queue can also cause issues with your Brother printer. If so, removing the pending output tasks might restart printing.
  5. Missing or corrupted system files might cause different printer troubles. Windows System File Checker can scan your computer and fix the system files.
  6. Reboot your Brother printer. If none of the preceding options work, a factory reset is your final resort. Keep be aware that this operation will delete all printer settings and archives. So maintain a stock of necessities and conduct a factory reset to restart the printer.

While Brother Printers are a terrific method to fulfill your printing demands, you may run into difficulties such as why my Brother printer won’t connect to my PC. Despite the fact that these difficulties are vexing, identifying and resolving them may save you money saving time wasted looking for a professional.