Printers under the sun do the same job of catering to the printing needs. Then why this hustle with different brands of printers? This is so because with different versions come a slew of features and advantages. HP Office Jet Pro 8710 printer is one such upgraded version of HP range that has been designed to cater to small business and home printing needs.

Now, the question comes, merely owning an HP office jet printer is not enough, a manual setup HP Office Jet pro 8710 printer and then an installation of the HP Office Jet pro 8710 printer driver to bring it into operation.


The setup of HP Office Jet Pro 8710 printer is not a herculean task but mere following of some basic instructions which goes as follows:-

  •       Unbox the printer manually. Remove the printer from the box and any packaging materials. Remove all tape and packing materials from the printer, then the sticker from the control panel. Close the scanner cover after removing the packaging material.
  •       Lift the output tray, open the input tray, and remove the packing material. Remove the tape from the input Tray. Push the input tray forward, and then lower the output tray.
  •       Plug the printer in, switch it on, and then select your options. Don’t attach a USB cord now. The computer connection is made during programme installation. Connect the power cable to the printer’s back and the other end to an electrical outlet.
  •       He Setup ink cartridges in your printer’s box. Raise the access door for the ink cartridges. Wait until the carriage is idle and quiet. Remove the carriage’s packing material. Removing the carriage’s packing material, unpack an ink cartridge and straighten the orange pull-tab.
  •       Just after installing the ink cartridges, insert plain paper.
  •       To open the input tray, first lift the output tray. Input tray opening. Reload the input tray. Push the stack into the tray. Slide the paper-width guide to the paper’s edges. Close the input tray after sliding in the paper-width guidelines.
  •       Push the input tray forward, and then lower the output tray. When printing or copying, make sure you pick the suitable paper size and type.
  •       After loading paper, the printer’s control panel prompts you to align it. After that, just tap OK. Wait for the alignment page to completely eject. Place the alignment

Page on the scanner glass print side down! Place it along the etched guidelines on the glass.

  •       Then print!

Now you may install the printing software HP Office Jet pro 8710 printer driver.

The HP Office Jet Pro 8710 printer driver may be obtained from the company’s website and installed manually. Before you begin, you should be aware of your HP printer model as well as the specifications of your computer system.

  •       Go to the HP Software and Drivers area and choose Printer from the drop-down menu.
  •       In the search field, type HP Office jet Pro 8710 printer, and then press the Submit button.
  •       Check to ensure that the Operating System is accurate, and then download the most recent version of the driver from the manufacturer’s website.

It is not unusual for HP office jet pro 8710 printer owners to express their dissatisfaction with their printers’ frequent malfunctions. When ink cartridges fail, this is the most typical incident that happens to the printer. A paper jam or a shabby printer that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, on the other hand, might be the source of the problem that the HP Office Jet pro 8710 printer won’t print properly.

This might be occurring for a number of different reasons. Given that this issue of HP Office Jet pro 8710 printer has not been working, has been reported by users all around the globe, the following are some of the most common reasons to be considered.

  •       Issues with ink cartridges. A faulty ink cartridge might be the source of the HP OFFICE JET PRO 8710 PRINTER error.
  •       When there is a jammed sheet of paper in the printer, this might result in a corrupt Printer Driver, which is a common occurrence.
  •       A corrupted printer driver is a typical source of printer-related issues.
  • The possibility of a viral assault.


Hp Office Jet Pro 8710 Printer Not Printing in Color because of a slew of reasons which can be as follows:-

  •  A fault with the ink cartridge in several HP Office Jet Pro 8710 Printer   causes them to not print in color.
  •       The danger of running out of ink in your printer cartridges much sooner than you would want if you print high-density documents on a regular basis is that you will run out of ink much sooner than you would like. The print density has a significant impact on ink usage. The greater the number of colors used in printing, the more obscure and unclean the result gets.

HP OFFICEJET 8710 PRO PRINTER has come to the rescue on a number of occasions, due to their ability to make last-minute repairs. It might be difficult to choose the best course of action when a HP Office jet 8710 Pro Printer is not printing in color. In this particular instance, either the printer or the software that was used is malfunctioning. Users may quickly resolve printer issues by using simple solutions. According to an old proverb, “there is a solution to every problem.” As a result, if none of the repairs work, customers may contact HP Office jet Pro 8710 Printer Customer Service to have their HP Officejet 8710 Pro Printer fixed in a jiffy.