how to download Norton security

Norton Antivirus software helps users keep viruses and other malware out of their computers and other devices. It also safeguards your system against viruses, Trojan horses, and malware. The Norton Anti-virus program can be used to scan the computer for dangers. It can detect and stop phishing attempts from websites attempting to get your personal information, as well as walk you through how to

How can I download Norton Antivirus? 

Purchase and download:

Yes, we realize it goes without saying, but the first step is to purchase the Norton product you desire. Then, go to the Norton product page and select the one you want — for this guide, we’ll be using Norton 360 Deluxe. Next, click on “Subscribe Now” and fill in all required information (choosing a password for your Norton account, entering payment information).

After you’ve made your payment, click the ‘Get Started’ button on the order confirmation screen to download the Norton installer, and then follow the on-screen instructions to click on this EXE file at the bottom of your browser’s window once it’s finished downloading. The downloader will start up and download the remaining files needed to install the application. The program will then ask for your permission to change your system, so select ‘Yes.’

Download Norton Security first, Install, then Activate:

  • Here is where you can get your Norton Security Software: (Standard and Deluxe versions)
  • Here’s where you can get Norton Security with Backup: (This is the premium version.)
  • To begin the Norton Security installation, double-click the installation file once it has been downloaded.
  • Click on the User License Agreement and read it entirely before closing it.
  • Now, you must Install Norton Security or Norton Security with Backup by clicking the agree button.
  • Enter the activation code you copied from your Norton Account to activate your Norton Security installation.

Install Norton Security:

  • To access your Norton Account, type in the following URL:
  • Fill in the email address and password for the account.
  • To sign in, click the Sign In button.
  • You may be offered to choose one of two options when trying to log in for the first time just after the purchase or at any time from a device that does not have Norton Security installed: Install on this device or a different device.
  • To get the software downloaded and installed on your current device, click Agree & Download.
  • If you accidentally close the window from the previous step, you can open it again by navigating the Devices tab instantly. Now, in any case, the Norton account interface is quite user-friendly, with tabs containing the Download button.
  • You obtain Norton’s downloader program when you install the software on your computer. You must download, and installation of your security software will begin once you run it. Follow the directions on the screen. Then, your Norton product will be installed and activated once you’ve completed it.

Install Norton Security onto Additional Devices:

Follow these simple steps to install your Norton security software on another device (computer or mobile):

  • Go to to access your Norton Management Console.
  • You’ll see a Download Norton button on your Management Home page, above which it states, “Do you wish to add more devices?”
  • Select the Install on another device tab and follow the on-screen instructions after clicking the button (the procedure allows you to send the installation link via email).

How can I download Norton Antivirus on Android? 

  • Firstly, you must Open the Play Store app on your Android device.
  • Look for Norton Security and Antivirus in the search results, and then select the Norton app from the list.
  • To install the app, tap Install, then Accept.
  • Tap Open when the installation is complete.
  • Then, you must read the Norton License Agreement and Terms of Use, as well as the Norton Mobile Privacy Policy, and accept them. Then, continue by tapping the Continue button.
  • Norton Mobile Security does LiveUpdate, Anti-Malware scans, and App Adviser scans after the initial setup. Now, just after the setup is complete, you must log in to your Norton account to access all of Norton Mobile Security’s capabilities.
  • You are supposed to tap the menu icon in the top-left corner, then tap Sign in.
  • Tap Sign In after entering your Norton account email address and password.

Now, you must use the same email address and password you used to buy Norton Mobile Security or any Norton package that includes Norton Mobile Security (Norton Security or Norton 360 Multi-Device). See Activate Norton Mobile Security if you haven’t yet activated your Norton Mobile Security membership. If you’re having trouble installing Norton Mobile Security, make sure you have the most recent version of Google Play installed on your device, as well as all of the latest system updates.

Read this blog if you want to find out how to download Norton security. Go through the steps that are given above, as you would be able to find the answer to the significant questions Norton set up?


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