Canon has come a long way dealing in printers. Any printer under the sun has been made to do the job printing. But not all do it correctly. Malfunctions are not any exception, but common to all printers. Most users have been stuck with the question Why is my canon printer not working?” No such specific cause has been diagnosed so far so the answer to this remains diversified. Right from poor connectivity to filthy ink cartridges everything contributes to Canon printing not printing color.


No problems fall from the sky one fine day. Many reasons or causes contribute to the Cannon printer not printing in color. Some of the most generic causes to Canon printer not printing in color include:-

  •     Many Canon printers do not print in color because of a problem with the ink cartridge. If you print high-density documents on a regular basis, you run the risk of running out of ink on your cartridges far sooner than you would want. Ink consumption is greatly affected by print density. The more colors you use to print the more obscure and filthy it becomes.
  •     Often a dirty and filthy printing strip has to be blamed for such malfunctions putting all your printing needs to halt.
  •     Canon printing problems may be traced back to a problematic toner cartridge that keeps leaking and squandering ink. It’s possible that toner spilled into the printer, a stained piece of Clothes or splotchy prints might occur. Smearing or leaking toner might be a genuine cause of printer issues.
  •     The most typical reasons for a clogged print head are dust, air bubbles, and dried ink. Cleaning the print nozzles of dried-up ink may be accomplished by using the print head cleaning cycle on your machine.
  •     Incorrect printer settings are often to blame for no color printing in Canon. Using a USB hub printer may not work on systems with too many devices for direct connections.
  •     Drivers for the printer are no longer compatible with the operating system. A printer driver that is no longer maintained and outdated. Printer drivers are programmes that allow your computer and printer to interact. A other term for them is printer drivers


Why is my canon printer not printing color? Has been the most frequent question confronted by most Canon printers. These fixes are handy and include the following:-

  • Reset Ink Cartridges for Printers. The Canon printer ink cartridge may be the cause of the color printing in your printer. This is the consequence of a malfunctioning cartridge seat. When your printer’s ink cartridge is the root of the problem, you should reset it. To reset your ink cartridge, follow these simple actions:-

o   The Canon printer should be disconnected from your PC.

o   Unplug any USB cable that is connected to the computer.

o   On your Canon printer, locate and open the ink cartridge door.

o    Press the “Power” button to turn the machine on.

o    Turn the machine off.

o    Put everything in its proper place.

o   The issue will eventually go away.

You may try the following troubleshooting if it doesn’t work.

  •     Paper jams can possibly result in Canon not printing color. Unclog the paper jam in your Canon printer by some quick and easy going instructions.
  •     Use a gentle brush to clean the Canon Printing Strip. In all Canon printers, there is a white plastic strip on the inside that can be seen. There is a printing strip right above this area. Printer’s drive belt if this strip becomes blocked with dirt, your Canon printer will display the Canon Printer to malfunction. Canon printers not working may be fixed in a matter of minutes by following these simple instructions.
  •     A thorough cleaning of your Canon printer’s internal components is necessary. Canon printer not printing color may be fixed by properly cleaning the printer’s inside. For this remedy, you’ll need a clean, soft cloth and a few drops of rubbing alcohol.
  •     A PC repair solution, Reimage has a wide range of strong features. With this software, you’ll be able to fix hardware faults as well as identify and fix any security risks like viruses or malware. Most importantly, your personal settings and data are unaffected.
  •     Make sure your printer driver is up to current. A misconfigured or outdated printer driver is to blame for a slew of printer issues. So, if you’re having issues why is my canon printer not responding, try updating the driver to see if it helps.
  •     On order to avoid printing problems, make sure that the color printing option in your Canon printer has been activated. Color printing may be enabled by following the following steps:

o   You should begin by clicking on “Start” from the Start menu of your computer.

o   Open the Settings menu.

o   Now, choose Printers and Scanners from the drop-down menu.

o   Now, among the available printers, choose your Canon printer.

o   Click on the Properties tab after that now; see whether you can print in color by enabling that feature.

o    If it isn’t already enabled, click the button to make it so.

  •     Turn Your Printer On and off or to put it in simple words restart your canon printer. As a general rule, restarting your Canon printer may resolve a wide range of technical difficulties, including the problem with the printer not producing color properly.

Canon printers have saved the day several times thanks to their last-minute fixes. It may be tough to figure out the best course of action for a Canon printer not printing color. In this case, either the printer or the software that was utilized has a problem. Using these simple remedies, users may rapidly remedy printer problems. Hence, “there is a solution to every issue,” as the saying says. Clients may thus contact Canon Printer Customer Service to get their Canon printer not working if none of these fixes work.