Century Link mail has gained popularity in the technical world for quite many years. The platform is known for its exceptional features and user-friendly interface. The century link mail services can work in multiple languages and can be configured to all devices and all operating systems. Like all other email platforms, Century link email also comes with technical glitches. Users often face the problem of Century link email not working. There can be multiple reasons causing this trouble. It can be quite disturbing if you find a century link email not working at times of urgency. Users face inconvenience if they find century link email not working and thus there is an interruption in incoming and outgoing emails. So, users worldwide have a very common question of ‘Why is century link email not working?’. Before moving to the troubleshooting methods for century link not working, we must know about the underlying causes creating such an issue. In this article, we will discuss each of such reasons and the respective troubleshooting hacks.

Enlisted are some common root causes of Century link email not working:

  1.   Stable internet connection:

Ensuring a stable and uninterrupted internet service is the foremost lookout while solving the century link email not working issue. To make sure whether your internet connection is working properly, just visit some website and see if it’s loading or not. If not, you need to fix the connection first and then try to access your Century link email. In case, you do not find any issue while opening the website, there must be some problem with the Century link email services.

  Century Link email service:

It is a smart move to check the status of the Century link email before you start working on the century link email not working issue. The server of the Century link email service might be down temporarily due to maintenance. Go to third-party websites or contact the Century Link customer support services.

  1. POP, IMAP, SMTP, and other server settings:

The user should be aware of these server settings of the Century link email platform in case they are accessing their century link email account from a browser. But before we check these settings we must be aware of the terms and their meanings.

  •   POP:

The term POP stands for Post Office Protocol. POP is the equivalent of the post office. It is required for storing the users’ email. Century link email settings for the incoming mail server should be set as stated below:

  • POP server name- pop.centurylink.net.
  • Port value -995.
  • Security- SSL
  •   IMAP:

It stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. It is a regulated version of POP in which the user can keep email on the server. IMAP requires more server space and greater computing power to operate.

  • IMAP server- mail.centurylink.net
  • Server port number- 993
  • Security-SSL
  •   SMTP:

It stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SMTP transfers your email from one place to the next, routing it between servers and eventually to the respective computer desktop. An SMTP port sends an email through a network and eventually to its recipient.

  •   SMTP server- emstp.centurylink.net
  •   Server Port number- 587 TLS
  •   Username- A user’s complete Century link email address
  •   Email box storage maximum limit-700 MB
  •   Email outgoing maximum size limit-10MB
  1. Valid or correct Password:

Ensuring that the password is working properly should be an important aspect of Century Link email not working. It should be kept in mind that passwords are case-sensitive. Sign in to your Century link account and check whether your password is working fine or not. If it is not working, reset the password for your century link email account.

  1. Presence of Security software:

Firewall or antivirus software installed on your device can be a cause for century link email not working. Sometimes, security conflicts occur causing such an issue. Disable the security software for a while and check if the issue has been solved.

  1. Clearance of Cache data:

In case you are accessing your century link email account from a browser, keep in mind to clear the browser cache and cookies. Now check your mail again to see if the problem is resolved. You can also try signing out and resigning into your account.

  1. Incorrect mail details:

There are instances when wrong email details are entered by the user. Such unintentional wrongdoing can cause Century link email not working issues.

Fix Century Link email not working on iPhone:

If you want to fix the Century Link not working issue on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1.   Ensure the stability of the internet connection. Check whether your iPhone is accessing a high-speed internet connection. Follow these steps:
  2.   Select the Settings option from your device.
  3.   Select the tab named General.
  4.   Tap on the Reset button.
  5.   Click on the Reset Network Settings option.
  6.   Type in the passcode in the box provided.
  7.   Wait for a few minutes while your device restarts.
  8.   Make sure you are using the latest version of the Century link mail application. To demolish the Century link email not working problem, you should keep updating the app regularly. For iPhone, the hassle is a little less as automatic updates are available. You just need to reboot your device for the smooth running of your mail.
  9.   Century Link Email settings are a crucial part of mail fluency. Here are the steps you can follow to configure the mail server settings from iPhone:
  10.   Go to the settings option.
  11.   Select the Mail tab.
  12.   Go to the accounts option.
  13.   Click on Add account and thereafter Other.
  14.   Select the Add mail account tab and enter the correct credentials asked for.
  15.   Select the POP3 option and fill in the details as aforesaid.
  16.   Do the same for the Outgoing mail server.
  17.   Click the Next button and thereafter the Save option.
  18.   Select the Advanced tab and finally click on Done.

Fix century link email not working on iPad:

  1.   Ensure that iPad is connected to a stable internet connection, be it a cellular network or Wi-Fi.
  2.   Check the service settings. Go to Settings>Mails, Contacts, calendars > Add account> other> Next> enter the incoming and outgoing mail settings as stated above> Save.
  3.   Use the latest version of the century link email app.
  4.   Clear the cache data and browser history to resolve the ‘Century Link email not working‘ issue.

Fix Centurylink email not working on android:

  1.   Make sure to verify your internet connection. Having a stable internet connection can solve half of the century link email not working problem. You can contact your service provider for a better outcome.
  2.   Check whether the Centurylink email settings are correct or not. The incoming and outgoing mail server settings must be configured as stated above. Otherwise, you will constantly find Century Link email not working. You can follow these steps to configure the correct settings on your android device:
  3.   Open the Centurylink email app from your device.
  4.   Select the settings option.
  5.   Click on add new mail account and enter the required credentials correctly.
  6.   Choose the manual setup option.
  7.   Match the server settings (POP3, IMAP, SMTP) with the information provided at the beginning of the article.
  8.   We often install various antivirus programs on our Android devices for security purposes, But this software and programs can interrupt the flow of the email services. You should check whether there is a security conflict.
  9.   The passwords are always case-sensitive. We often unknowingly type in the password with the wrong case. That should be taken care of too.

Fix Centurylink email not working on Mac:

  1.   Use a stable internet connection. Having a reliable internet connection can solve the century link email not working problem.
  2.   Take a note about entering the correct password of your email account.
  3.   The mail server settings should be correctly configured to resolve the century link email not working issue. To do this, first, open your mail and then go to the Manual set up option. Here, select the POP and SMTP tabs one by one and enter the port number, Security, etc as stated earlier.
  4.   Clear the cache data and cookies. Many times, it helps to solve the Century link email not working issue.
  5.   Try signing out of your account temporarily and then log in again after some time.

Fix century link email not working on Chrome:

  1.   The primary reason for century link email not working from the chrome browser is the interrupted internet connection. Asking for help from your ISP (Internet service provider) is the best option in such a case.
  2.   An outdated version of the browser can cause serious trouble. You should always use the most current version of Chrome for accessing your Century link email. Century link websites perform best with the Chrome version 45.
  3.   Clear the cache memory, cookies, and history from your browser. They unnecessarily take up space and hamper the smooth working of emails.
  4.   Check whether the mail server settings are configured correctly or not.

Fix century link email not working on Windows 10:

  1.   You must make sure that the device is connected to the internet.
  2.   Try to send the required mail through a website. Sign in to your account from that website and see if it works.
  3.   Check whether the Century link email server status is down. If so, you will have to wait temporarily before the server outage is over.
  4.   Firewall and antivirus software interrupts syncing of emails. Turn off the antivirus program temporarily to see if the Century link email not working issue is resolved.
  5.   You can remove your account and add it again.
  6.   Turn off the Windows Defender security center.

Fix century link email not working on Windows 11:

  1.   The device is connected to the internet.
  2.   Check whether the Century link email server status is down.
  3.   You can remove your account and add it again or reset the app.
  4.   Try the System restore feature on Windows 11.
  5.   There is an app troubleshooter for windows 11. You can turn that on to resolving the issue. For this, search for troubleshoot settings from search bar>Go to Other troubleshooters option>Click on Run button. This will solve the Century Link email not working issue for Windows 11.

If none of the above-mentioned processes resolve the Century link email not working issue, go to the official website of the century link and get technical assistance from their customer support. They will guide you through excellent customer service and provide you with reliable technical support.