Google Meet is a well-known video conferencing solution. As great as it is, consumers face some setbacks when they discover that Google Meet is not working when they need it, which can be quite annoying. This problem is frequently caused by a combination of circumstances, including bad internet access, obsolete mobile apps, software friction in Google Meet and device hardware, and a few more. Here are some suggestions for how to resolve Google Meet not responding.

The reason why Google Meet Isn’t Working:

Google Meet issues may be divided into three groups. There are concerns with software, hardware, and the Internet.

Problems with the software include difficulties such as your web browser crashing or the programme failing to run. Hardware difficulties, which are most frequent on PC and Mac, are caused by a malfunctioning camera and/or microphone. Internet problems are caused by insufficient Internet access or by a malfunction with Google Meet’s online services.

While the cause of your problem may differ, concentrating on these three areas will generally repair the issue and restore Google Meet not working.

How to Resolve Google Meet Issues on a PC or Mac?

These solutions will assist you in fixing Google Meet not opening on a PC or Mac. We recommend that you complete the instructions in the order they are listed.

  •       Check that your PC satisfies Google Meet’s minimal requirements:
  •       All major browsers are supported on Windows and macOS, however, you must use the most recent version of the browser.
  •       Check for disruptions of the Internet or Google Meet services. Knowing that there is an outage will not address the problem, but it will put a stop to your debugging attempts.
  •       Check the meeting code: Google Meet sessions are often planned using links rather than manually inputting a meeting code, however, there is always the potential of an error. Communicate with the meeting’s host and double-check the code.
  •       Check to see if your browser supports webcams: In or near the address bar, most browsers will display a camera symbol. Click on that icon to view camera settings and ensure the camera is turned on.
  •       Close and then reopen your web browser: This will resolve any temporary problems with your browser.
  •       Attempt using a different web browser: Google Meet is compatible with all major web browsers, as stated in its system requirements. However, a bug or setting issue in your usual browser might be the root of the issue.
  •       Examine your Internet connection: If it looks to be slow and you are using Wi-Fi, consider relocating your computer closer to the router. This will resolve issues caused by unreliable or sluggish Wi-Fi.
  •       Check that your webcam or microphone: This will assist you in determining whether the issue is with the camera or microphone rather than with Google Meet.
  •       More information may be found in our tutorials on How to fix Google Meet not responding on Phone.

Restart your computer:

It can remove any leftover flaws or configuration difficulties in your computer’s or operating system’s software. We offer restarting instructions for both Windows and Mac computers.

Why is Google Meet not working on my Android device?

If you have an Android phone, Google Meet is an excellent tool for participating in video conferences. Google’s video conference platform is excellent for Android, and you can use it even when you’re not at work. Google Meet may occasionally fail to function properly. In this post, we’ll look at how to troubleshoot some of the most prevalent Meet difficulties on Android.

How to Troubleshoot Google Meet Issues on an Android Phone:

Troubleshooting Google Meet not working can fix up the problems you’re facing in accessing Google meet Update your web browser if you use Meet straight from Chrome. The same is true if you utilize the feature from within your Gmail client. Check that all of your Google applications are up to date.

Delete the Cache:

  •       Previous Meet sessions’ temporary data may interfere with your current video meeting. Clear your Google Meet cache and re-run the search.
  •       Go to Settings, then Apps, then All Apps, and finally Google Meet.
  •       Tap Storage, then Clear Cache and see whether Meet now functions as it should.
  •       If the situation remains, choose Clear data as well.

Install Google Meet again:

If upgrading the app does not solve the problem, reinstall it. Restart your phone, access the Google Play app, search for and install Google Meet again.

Increase Your Bandwidth:

If you’re having problems using Google Meet when utilising your cellular connection, try switching to a wireless connection if feasible. Close background programmes to prevent other applications from using system resources and bandwidth.

Try to take a seat:

Stop moving around if Fix Google Meet not responding keeps a solid connection on an Android smartphone. While you’re on the road, your smartphone may be having problems maintaining a connection. If you need to use Google Meet on the go, try to stay in one spot if you aren’t connected to a Wi-Fi network. It’s preferable to exit your car and sit down during the call if you’re in a moving vehicle.


Google Meet, like any other service, might have issues. You won’t be able to solve the problem if the service is down. You must wait for Google to address the issue on their end. Check Google to see if the service is down.