Hotmail is one of the first and best email service providers with fast, secure, reliable and hassle-free email service. It allows one to send or receive emails from any platform anytime. It also comes with various impressive features like scheduling, messaging, contacts and so forth. Founded back in 1996, Hotmail is one of the oldest and trustable free web-based email service providers with 400 million active users as per 2014 records, now it is acquired by Microsoft Corporation with worth 400 million (approx.).

Nothing is perfect in this world and the same goes for tech entities like Hotmail. While surfing on the internet you may fall short to some error codes which may be difficult for some non tech users to figure out the exact reason for their cause and troubleshoot them with ease. In the similar way Hotmail users may fall short to such errors or glitch popularly identified as Hotmail Error 403. It is nothing to worry because they don’t hamper your system or any of its other software.

This error is usually faced while watching a video or sending an email to any other client. In order to troubleshoot or Resolve 403 Hotmail error firstly, one needs to understand the nature of this issue, mostly Hotmail error 403 is encountered if there is no index page. Simply Index pages are HTML codes that reside in your public directory and load itself when the user starts browsing. Sometimes Hotmail not responding may also occur in spite of index page availability. Corrupt index pages may also result in Hotmail not working. Some other reasons may also include permission restrictions or access denied restrictions. These errors could be very frustrating if you encounter them while casually browsing or working on your Hotmail.

Some Symptoms for Identification of Hotmail Error 403:

Below we will list down certain symptoms for Hotmail Error 403.

  • Error 403 appears and crashes while using Hotmail.
  • When your PC frequently crashes with Hotmail not responding messages while logging in.
  • If your screen shows Hotmail Error 403 while opening, logging or surfing on Hotmail.
  • In case your mouse or keyboard runs sluggishly and responds slowly on the Hotmail window.
  • In case your computer freezes for some time while accessing Hotmail services.

These are some symptoms if your Hotmail is not working or shows Hotmail Error 403 whenever you try to access your Hotmail account. If you ever encounter such problems while using Hotmail do follow our troubleshoot guide mentioned below.

Ever wondered How to fix Hotmail error code 403 don’t worry we got your back.

Below we have provided some simple steps in order to Fix 403 Hotmail error if you ever encountered such errors while browsing your Hotmail email services. Just follow the below mentioned steps correctly and you will be good to go once again.

But before checking the below troubleshoot guide steps make sure you have connected your system to a stable internet connection with decent speed to load up HTML contents as sometimes slow internet speed or disconnecting your WIFI may result in such errors.

  • Click on the start menu on your screen or click the windows icon available on the left-hand corner of your PC or system.
  • Now in the window provided you need to scroll down and find the administrative tools section of your PC and click on the Internet Information service tab.
  • If you cannot find the above option, make use of the search tab on the left-hand top of your screen provided on your legit system.
  • By clicking on the Internet information tool in the administrative tool section, this will lead you to the IIS settings available on your device or PC.
  • In the following step visit to the anonymous access section and click on the edit tab provided on your screen.
  • You will be served with a list of options.
  • Find out and check on the Anonymous option available on the screen of your PC.
  • Now save all the changes that you made on the settings by clicking on the ok button and migrate back to the properties tab.
  • From the properties tab select the Home Directory option.
  • Find and check all the boxes except the one displaying “Read” text one. If you are unable to find the tab enquire or check on the permissions section on your system.
  • Complete the process by clicking on the Ok tab.
  • Launch your browser where you want to open your Hotmail account.
  • Type in your credentials
  • And click on the login tab.

That’s it and you are successful in order to fix Hotmail not opening or Hotmail Error 403. The troubleshooting steps provided above are easy to understand and perform. By abiding to the steps mentioned above you will be back online from your Hotmail account without any more hustle. Happy Emailing!!