The Comcast term is quite familiar to email users worldwide. It is acknowledged as one of the best email platforms for users nowadays. It also termed as Xfinity email and provides user-friendly features like fast sending of emails, secure login, easy handling, etc. Comcast can be accessed on almost every device and operating system, including, Android, iPhone, PC, and Mac. With other amazing features, the app is free of cost. This makes this service efficient for both professional and personal use. But like all other email platforms, Comcast is not devoid of its technical glitches. Comcast email not working is a frequent issue amongst users now. In case you face a Comcast email not working issue, you will not be able to receive or send emails. Missing your emails at times of urgency can be quite frustrating and this Comcast email not working problem interrupts your smooth functionality.

There can be multiple reasons why you might be facing the Comcast email not working malfunction. Before we head towards solving the issue, it is better to know the underlying reasons causing this problem of Comcast email not working. Knowing the root causes eases the troubleshooting.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the reasons causing Comcast email not working and the respective resolutions.

  1. Make sure you are using a stable and secure internet connection. An unstable network can interrupt your email services while sending and receiving issues.
  2. You might be using an incompatible browser to access your email. The browser can be outdated or not compatible with the service of Comcast mail.
  3. Hardware issues with the device can cause the Comcast email not working. It restricts the outgoing and incoming mails from your device.
  4. You may have entered the incorrect email address of the recipient.
  5. Incorrect settings of the Comcast mail or an outdated version of the app may result in Comcast email not working issue.
  6. The browser cookies and cached data consume the storage of your device which may lead to this problem.
  7. Inbuilt software running in the background or antivirus programs may also result in this issue.
  8. Your mails are not delivered or received if you have reached the daily limit.

Most common Comcast email not working problems faced by users:

There can be different issues that one might be facing with their Comcast account. We have curated a list of the most plausible issues that the users have to deal with.

  •   The Email platform is responding slowly.
  •   The Comcast account is not working.
  •   Login issues with the Comcast ID.
  •   Not being able to receive any mails.
  •   Comcast ID is not working on android.
  •   Issues with opening mail on the browser.
  •   The email service is not working properly on Apple devices.

Now that we have identified the problem and the root cause of the Comcast email issue, we can head for fixing it. It is only once that we have a good knowledge of the causes of our technical difficulties that we can overcome them.

General fixes for Comcast email not working:

  1. Fix the spam filter issue. Sign in to your Comcast account with login credentials. Scroll down to users and preferences and click on edit. Choose the disable spam filter and press save.
  2. Properly back up your local folders and then delete your account. Now try recreating your account.
  3. Sometimes, Comcast blocks the account with which you won’t be able to send the emails. You should only use for sending out emails.
  4. Restart the router in case you are using a Wi-Fi connection or check network settings for cellular data connection.
  5. Check the blocked contacts from the blocked list. If the contact is in the blocked list, simply unblock it and send the email again.
  6. Clear the cookies and cache from the browser through which you are trying to access the email account.

Fix Comcast email not working on iPhone:

Follow the below-mentioned steps to fix Comcast email not working on iPhone.

  1. Check whether the Xfinity Comcast server is down.
  2. Ensure stable internet connectivity.
  3. Remove and re-add your Comcast account on iPhone.
  4. Reset your existing password.
  5. Free up storage space on your iPhone.
  6. Fix the IOS mail fetch and notifications settings.
  7. Fix your IOS.
  8. Force restarting of your device.
  9. Configure your email in a third-party email client.

Fix Comcast email not working on desktop:

  1. Make sure your connection cables are placed in the right ports. The cables should be connected properly.
  2. If your Comcast account is associated with any third-party email service such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, check the configuration settings.
  3. Ensure that you enter the receiver’s correct email address while sending an email.
  4. Ensure that the incoming port reads 993, the outgoing port reads 587, the outgoing server field has read “” and the incoming server field has read “”.
  5. Shut down the browser, restart your device, and make another attempt at logging in.
  6. disable the antivirus or firewall from the settings.
  7. Check if there are server issues from the Xfinity email.

These will probably help you solve the Comcast email not working issue on desktop or PC.

Fix Comcast email not working on Windows 10:

For fixing Comcast email not working on Windows 10, follow these steps:

1. Turn off the windows defender security center.

2. Make the mail app pass through the windows firewall.

3. Turn off the 3rd party security software preventing you from syncing your emails

4. Remove your Comcast account and re-add it.

5. Change the email configuration.

6. If you are getting an error “your account settings are out of date” then you need to ensure that the SSL security certificate is marked as checked in the advanced settings.

Fix Comcast email not working on windows 11:

To fix Comcast email not working on Windows 11, follow this procedure.

1. Check the connectivity to your email server.

2. Try sending email from another app or device.

3. Check with your email provider about the status of your email server.

4. Check your security software.

5. Turn off Windows Defender Security Center.

6. Allow Mail and Calendar apps through Windows Firewall

7. Turn off third-party security software.

8. Remove your account and add it again.

9. Remove your account and add it again using advanced setup

10. Check your advanced mailbox settings.

11. Check your privacy settings.

12. Check if two-factor authentification is turned on for your account.

13. You are using outdated account settings. Make it up to date to solve the Comcast email not working issue.

Fix Comcast email not working on Android:

1. check if your device is properly connected to the internet.

2. check if the Comcast Email server is down.

3. clear cache, clean junk files, and delete large files.

4. Disable or uninstall third-party apps like antivirus or VPN.

5. Delete and re-add the Comcast account.

Follow the above steps to resolve Comcast email not working on Android devices.

Fix Comcast email not working on Mac:

1. Ensure that your device is connected to the internet. This is the primary step to resolve the Comcast email not working issue.

2. Check if there is any problem with the Comcast email server. If you find issues like Comcast Email not working, it means that the issue is not with the internet

3. Switch off your router or the modem.

4. Plug out the router’s power adapter from the electrical socket and wait for about two minutes.

5. Now, reconnect the router’s power adapter into the electrical socket and press the power button on the router.

6. Check if the router is receiving the internet connection. If you are using a modem along with the router, ensure that there is no physical damage(s) to the Ethernet cable that connects both devices.

Fix Comcast email not working on Chrome:

For Comcast email not working on chrome follow these steps:

1. Check the network connection.

2. Check Comcast email server settings.

3. Fix Comcast sending and receiving issues.

4. Double-check the configuration of your Comcast mail account.

5. Check your web browser.

6. Check if there is a service outage.

7. Check the antivirus or firewall settings.

Fix Comcast email not working on iPad:

For fixing Comcast email not working on iPad, follow these steps:

1. Check whether there is a service outage.

2. Check the settings. Go to Settings>Passwords and Accounts>your Comcast account>Advanced. Now set the incoming and outgoing mail server ports.

3. Fix the incorrect ‘Fetch’ settings.

4. Make sure you are using the updated version of the mail app.

If none of the above-mentioned steps resolve the Comcast email not working issue, you can take the assistance of technical experts from the official website of Comcast. Find the helpline number and contact them for technical help. The issue of Comcast email not working is not a very serious one, but can be disturbing. So it is best to resolve it as soon as possible.