Avast antivirus is a protection program that works with a variety of operating systems. Their versions identify and remove dangers like spam, malware, and phishing. It protects your browser and firewall in addition to your machine. Please install it using the easy guide on how to install Avast Antivirus. It is explicitly built for Internet-connected devices. Check out this blog to gather more information. 

How to Install Avast Antivirus on Windows?

Ensure you’re logged into your Windows machine as an administrator before starting the how to install Avast Antivirus method.

  • Disable any antivirus software that is already installed on your computer.
  • To install Avast Antivirus software, go to an official site and download the Avast antivirus setup file.
  • Wait until the download is finished before leaving the page.
  • After that, a notification will appear at the bottom stating that the Avast application has been downloaded.
  • When you select Run from the notification box, a wizard will display, asking permission to access your device. Yes, that is the answer.
  • Please wait until the application’s startup is complete and it launches on its own.
  • Before selecting the Install button on the home screen, uncheck the box next to the Yes. Try the Google Chrome browser statement.
  • Now, you must move to the bottom of the screen, and you can see how far the installation has progressed. Click the Continue button after it’s finished.
  • Before exiting, read the privacy policy and click Continue on the next screen.

Avast Free Antivirus is now installed and ready to use on your computer. However, some components may not work until you restart them. Avast Free Antivirus no longer requires registration because your initial free membership is activated automatically after installation.

How to Install Avast Antivirus on Mac?

Although your MAC system is not vulnerable to malware, you should install Avast antivirus mac software to guarantee internet security because dangerous websites and Wi-Fi networks can compromise your system.

  • When you type Avast antivirus into your browser, a slew of results appears.
  • Only get the program from a reputable source. The setup file is saved to your desktop as a.dmg file.
  • To open the program, simply click it.
  • Open Avast Security by clicking the unwrapped box icon above it.
  • Accept the License Agreement and save the application anywhere on your computer.
  • Select the Avast package’s name and click the Install button.
  • A wizard appears before the installation begins. First, fill in the login information for the system.
  • Allow the installation process to complete.
  • To exit the last wizard, click the Close button.
  • You should now see the Avast antivirus symbol with the letter “a” in an orange background on your desktop.

How to install Avast Antivirus on Android?

  • You are supposed to Tap the Google Play Store app icon, which looks like a colorful triangle. This is usually found in the App Drawer.
  • Toggle the search bar on. It’s located at the very top of the screen. The on-screen keyboard for your Android should now appear.
  • Enter Avast antivirus in the search box. A list of results will display in the drop-down menu below the search field due to doing so.
  • Select Avast Antivirus from the drop-down menu. You must know that it’s the first option in the drop-down menu, directly to the right of the orange Avast icon. By tapping here, you’ll be sent to the Avast app page.
  • Activate the INSTALL button. This green button can be found in the center of the page.
  • When prompted, select ACCEPT. As a result, the Avast Antivirus 2018 software will begin to install on your Android device.
  • START WITH BASIC SECURITY is the first option. You are expected to move to the bottom of the screen; there is a grey link. Now, by doing so, you will be able to download a free version of the Avast Antivirus app.

Read this blog if you want to find out how to install Avast antivirus. Go through the steps that are given above.


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