First of all, let us know what Gmail is useful for. Gmail is a very popular free web-based email service which is supported by advertising similar to Google Web search. It was launched in 2004 and there are more than 1 billion users today. Gmail offers 15 GB of mailbox storage allowing users to keep the mail on Google servers In definitely for future reference it also provides Sophisticated search of message content and gives a message threats for review.

You can create a Google account to access Gmail because it is just one of the main Ne services offered by Google to registered users signing up for a Google account is free and is your name in your new Gmail address will be a part of the signup process this means that whenever you are sign into Gmail you are automatically sign into your Google account then you will be able to easily access other Google services like Google docs calendar and YouTube of course you don’t have to use any of this features images want to focus on email for now.

If you want to work with Gmail, you will primarily be using the main in Gmail interface this contains your inbox and it allows you to navigate to your contacts mail settings and more also if you want to use other Google services like YouTube or calendar, you’ll be able to access from the top of the Gmail window. Very occasionally you may want to make adjustments to my Gmail. For example, you want to create a signature vacation reply, edit your labels or change. These are just means that can be made from your Mail settings.  Read to know how to pin an email in Gmail

However, Gmail keeps an address book of contact so you don’t have to memorize everyone’s email address. you can add other contact information like phone numbers, birthdays and physical addresses too.  You can also import your contacts from another email account and you can even import your email messages from that account so several email providers are supported including Yahoo Hotmail and AOL. You can start sending email messages. Writing an email can be as simple as typing a message or you can use text formatting attachments and a signature to customize your message.

Reply to an email someone else and do instead of compose a new text, when you reply that automatically appears in the two fields so you  won’t need to worry about Choosing the recipients. When you go on vacation you may be unwilling or unable to check your email for several days or more the email will still be in your inbox when you get back so it may not be a major problem however is someone sent you an urgent message that needs a response the same day this person may not realize that you will receive this message in time you can prevent this by creating a vacation reply which will automatically send a reply to anyone who emails you.

Here are many more uses of Gmail like you can send and receive emails, block or spam, create an address book and perform other basic email tasks. You can also know how to pin an email in Gmail. Many users don’t know how to pin an email in Gmail. Spinning method is called start first in Gmail if you come from Microsoft Outlook background you will definitely look for a pinning feature in Gmail too .

Here are some simple steps of Gmail how to pin an email to top, to know further keep reading this blog:

  1.       Step one- login to your Gmail account: The first thing is to login to your Gmail account and login with your ID and password
  2.       Step two- select important emails that you want to Pin: then you need to select important emails using the checkbox provided in front of the emails in case you are targeting a particular sender you can also use the search box of Gmail Pin email.
  3.       Make them starred in Gmail: once when you have selected your emails you need to pin them or make them start for that select the star button in front of emails and then click on the option and then pin email in Gmail.
  4.       Step four change the inbox Gmail settings:

First of all select settings on the top right corner of Gmail then go to the inbox type section and select start first option and close the settings box.

  1.       Step five all starred emails will be pinned at the top of Gmail: now you will be able to see all your start or been emails that will be shown at the top and everything else will be listed after it. Till this step you can resolve the issue on how to pin an email in Gmail. These emails will be on the top till the time you delete them in case you make any email not start and it still shows then just refresh the Gmail wants to reflect the changes.

However the above steps were easy and simple and till now it must be clear for you in Gmail how to be in email to top. Now let us see how you can pay in email in the Gmail app.

  •       Open Gmail app on your android mobile
  •       Then search for your emails and mark them as starred- then select your emails in Gmail manually for search for a sender and mark emails as starred Also known as pinning in other email clients.
  •       Set in box type As Starred first in settings- When you stared or pin your important emails then -Close the search and tab back in Gmail app home in the top left tap menu then scroll down and go to settings and tap on your Gmail account in the inbox type select start first option
  1. Your pin emails will be under inbox- however now you can save an extra option available start under inbox for a quick access then you can tap on start inbox type and it will show you all the important emails pinned by you.

However these were some of the steps that you can follow and learn how to pin an email in Gmail. The steps are very simple and easy for you all to follow.