Outlook has been a flourishing email client for the better part of the past two decades. It provides a slew of advantages to users and can be depended upon completely for emailing needs. It does much more than just sending and receiving emails. It is a one stop solution for users who have to manage a lot of emails on a daily basis. Apart from this, it comes with some robust features like offline access of emails and folder of email messages to keep everything in place. However, the emailing experience turns out to be vexing when a user cannot make their way into outlook. This is possibly because of wrong login credentials that leave you stranded while putting all your mailing needs to halt. This is where most users seek solution on “how can I recover or reset outlook password?


Recover outlook password is a situation that one out of every two outlook email users has confronted in their lifetime. The most immediate cause that has prompted outlook password recovery is wrong login credentials or more specifically the password. It is difficult to retain a password for long until it is an easy one.

Hence, if you are one who has been an early sufferer of lost or forgotten outlook password then this article is a perfect suit for you!


The only option to get through a forgotten outlook password is to either use a password recovery tool or through text message or an email password recovery. One out of any three has to work.

These steps will help you retain your password if you have forgotten your outlook password without much hassle. Or you can say if you put these steps in proactive you can instantly recover outlook password and create a more stable and strong password to avoid any fuss in the future.

These steps include:-

  •     Go to the sign in page of the Microsoft outlook email. If you are unable to retain your password then click to the forgot password outlook and proceed.
  •     Next you will have to choose either from a text message account recovery or an email password recovery. Go for the one which suits you.
  •     Then in the next step you will receive a verification code in either your text message or in the mail. Click on the code in order to reset your password.
  •     After you have successfully reset your Outlook password you will be able to steer through your Microsoft outlook email again and resume all your undone work in the mail in a jiffy.

Once you know how to reset the outlook password it is always advisable to change outlook password to a more  strong and stable password to avoid the risk of losing the password. Always go a for an easy password that can be retained well and does not become a stumbling block in your way.

It is true that while outlook password recovery we actually learn the importance of outlook passwords. However, it is always wise to change password occasionally to avoid any unauthorized breach in the outlook account. Thus this article also deals in how to change outlook mail password easily and efficiently.


  •     Use your Windows 10/11 computer’s Outlook software to get started.
  •     Account Settings may be accessed via File -> Account Settings.
  •     To change the password for an Outlook account, select the account and click Change.
  •     Change the password for your Outlook account in the pop-up Change Account box by typing a new password next to Password.
  •     Close the window and save your settings.


  •     Open Outlook on your Mac’s application store.
  •     Right-click in the upper-left corner of your screen and choose Preferences -> Account.
  •     Enter the password you used to log in. To reset your password for your Outlook account, type in the new password and then retype it.
  •     On a Mac, you may update your Outlook password by saving the settings.


  •     Open the Outlook app on Android.
  •     To access the settings, click the three-line symbol, then the gear-shaped icon.
  •     Select from the drop-down menu at the bottom. Change server configurations.
  •     You should now be able to use your Outlook app without having to type in your old password.


  •     Open the iPhones Settings app.
  •     Enter your password by clicking Password.
  •     Use the touch or face ID to unlock your device or enter your security password.
  •     You may change the password for an Outlook email account by clicking on the account you wish to update.
  •     On your iphone, change the password for your Outlook email account.
  •     Outlook.com Password Reset Instructions
  •     Log into your Outlook account by visiting the Outlook website in your browser.
  •     Take a look at the Security page and select Password Security.
  •     Enter your existing password, then enter a new password and repeat the process for your Outlook email account.

When you’re finished, click Save to keep your new Outlook password safe.

The situation of outlook password recovery is not an uncommon occurrence. However, it is time taking and can put all your emailing needs at least to a halt for some time. Thus, changing your password quite frequently can actually keep your account free from any hijacking or possible breach. Certain thing has to be reserved in mind before you actually go for a. Preferably choose a password that is the password for multiple applications because if a hacker manages to make his/her way to you outlook email account by hacking the password you know that your information is no longer in safe hands.