Unquestionably, Google chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world, and it has a lot of features like adding extensions, personal space, notifications settings, etc. You added an extension then days or weeks later. You realize that you rarely ever use that extension. Then you think about how to remove extensions in Chrome. It’s pretty simple. You just need only five minutes to do this in few steps.

How to Disable Extensions in Chrome?

Chrome Extensions are tools that allow you to customize Google Chrome to meet your specific needs, enhancing your surfing experience. Translating software, ad blockers, antivirus add-ons, and mail checkers are just a few examples. However, if they suddenly stop working or crash every time you try to use them, it’s time to turn them off. You’ll have to delete your Chrome extensions using the Chrome browser if you wish to disable them. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Start the Chrome web browser.
  • Locate the three-dot menu symbol in the upper right corner and click it.
  • Select “More Tools” and “Extensions” from the drop-down menus.
  • And then, You’ll see a list of all Chrome extensions, as well as a button to disable each one.
  • If you no longer wish to use a specific extension, you can uninstall it by clicking “Remove,” and it will disappear from your list.
  • Disabling extensions is a good approach to speed up your browser, especially if you discover that web pages are taking a long time to load or that you can’t open YouTube videos.

To get the most out of Chrome, make sure you don’t have dozens of add-ons running in the background while you’re browsing.

How to Permanently Disable Extensions in Chrome?

You may install an extension in the mistaken belief that you would use it frequently. However, it turns out that you only opened it once because you’re currently using another one. Here’s how to delete extensions in Chrome if you’ve decided to do so:

Naturally, if you change your mind about any of the extensions in the future, you can easily reinstall them and rediscover their capabilities. Every week, new extensions are added to the Google Web Store, ensuring that you have all you need to enhance your Chrome browser.

How to delete browser extensions on Mac?

The popup menu command in the extensions bar can be used to delete Chrome add-ons.

  • Open the Chrome web browser.
  • Hover your cursor over the extension bar’s unwanted extension.
  • Remove the extension from Chrome by right-clicking it and selecting Remove from Chrome from the menu.
  • In the popup window that appears, confirm the deletion.
  • That’s it! The no longer necessary Chrome browser add-on has been uninstalled.

Just by following the above-stated steps, you can simply find out how to remove chrome extensions mac

How to remove hidden Chrome browser extensions?

  • Open Chrome.
  • Window Extensions is a menu command.
  • Click the Remove button to eliminate the unwanted extension, and then confirm.
  • Toggle the toggle button to temporarily disable any add-ons that aren’t needed.
  • Restart Google Chrome if it hasn’t done so already.
  • One must know that these steps won’t provide a full reset. Now, just example, there are certain settings, just like fonts or accessibility, which you won’t be deleted. If you wish to create a new user or even profile, add a new user in Chrome.

If you do follow the above-stated steps, one can simply find out some of the basic settings of Google Chrome? Go through the steps and find an effective solution to your problem on how to remove chrome extensions android. Know the steps for further details. Once you follow and implement the steps, you will be able to find solutions. 


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