Gmail, as an email client and a webmail service provider has come a long way. It barely compromises on its seamless emailing experience that it provides to its users. However, sometimes it cannot do away with malfunctions. These malfunctions can be as good as putting all your emailing needs to halt. Or can be a little too negligible. Gmail not syncing is one of such malfunctions that can make mail sync across devices far from being accomplished.


As the name goes, mail syncing means having it synced in a device for easy access offline. Syncing Gmail on various devices has been the last resort on not missing out on important mails as you will be updated with a notification every time you have a mail. However, it does not always fall in place. Gmail not syncing has been a real time problem and a slew of causes have to be blamed for this.


  • Often when you try syncing your Gmail on android or even a desktop and are prompted with an error that Gmail not syncing on desktop then ,it might be the case that  the memory has been cluttered with unwanted caches and data. In other words your device is running out of space putting your mail syncing request to halt.
  • A slow and unstable internet connection can also be blamed for this issue. This has been the most generic cause of Gmail not working.
  • An outdated version of the Gmail app can be the reason for Gmail not syncing on the device concerned
  • However, the failure of sending notifications can be mistaken for Gmail not syncing.
  • It can be the case that the Gmail setting has been configured in a manner that comes in conflict with the sync in mail feature. Try tweaking these settings.
  • Lastly it can be any virus or malware attack on your Gmail that has put all your emailing needs to halt without your knowledge.

All these causes have contributed to mail not syncing that has been quite frustrating for a Gmail client who has regular access to Gmail.

Gmail not syncing issue is common to desktop, android or iphone but the treatment to this issue is different in different devices. Gmail syncing not working on PC can be frustrating if you don’t have access to your mail account in your workspace.However, the fixes to thus come easy and can be applied without much hassle.


In order to enable Gmail syncing on android it is essential to enable the auto sync feature on your android. The common fixes that counts in Gmail not syncing on android include:-

  • If it is the outdated Gmail app then try updating it to a more upgraded version. You can enable updates from the play store for free.
  • Choose a more stable internet connection to avoid and fuss in between syncing mails that would require a stable internet connection.
  • Reset your mail settings in order if anything has been misconfigured.
  • The sync mails option has been disabled in the mail enable it in order to fix the issue.
  • If your android device is running out of space then go for a clearing the caches in your android to fix Gmail syncing.
  • Get an easy going antivirus application that is at the same keeps your system immune to virus thus preventing Gmail not to go out of place.

With these you can put an end to Gmail not syncing on android in a jiffy.


With a sheer large number of iphone users Gmail not syncing on iphone is nothing uncommon. Nonetheless, it too can be brought back in place in a blink of an eye.

  • Make sure you activate IMAP in the Mail/Gmail settings While Gmail doesn’t synchronize on iOS the same manner as Android, Google utilizes IMAP to send and receive emails on iphone. This option should be enabled by default.
  • You’ll not be able to receive or send emails on your iphone if you’re not connected to the internet. Make sure you have a decent connection and that your Smartphone is not in Airplane Mode
  • Make sure your Gmail app is updated otherwise the issue of Gmail not working would crop up on the iPhone.
  • Reinstall the Gmail appIf none of the following options worked, you may reinstall the Gmail app on your iphone. Simply remove the Gmail app first, and then reinstall it from the App Store.

These fixes too apply for fixing Gmail syncing on Mac being an ios device. If you own a Mac and can’t figure out what is causing Gmail not to syncing on Mac then, these fixes would go right.

However, Gmail is open for merging two email accounts into one. You can do this by forwarding all your emails to one location and then merging it so that all your emails are in one location. Now when it comes to replying you can go for creating Gmail alias accounts.

Out of the many benefits of syncing Gmail on your frequently used device,  one is that you will never miss out on important mails and will be notified as soon as it enters your Gmail inbox. This sounds perfect only if notification has been enabled.

Thus, Gmail not syncing can put you on the verge of missing out on important mails. The most common symptom of Gmail not syncing has been a buffering syncing mail update that is never full. This calls for a quick diagnosis of the issue in order to bring Gmail back in gear.