Google Chrome Voice Search not working

If you have bought a new laptop with an inbuilt mic or a microphone set up for your desktop, you might want to use Google Chrome Voice Search. However, when you use the mic button on the search bar to use the voice search feature, then Google pops up a message for you “Voice Search Turned Off.” Read the blog below to find out how to resolve the “Google Chrome Voice Search not working” issue. Voice_search_has_been_turned_off

Sad? There is a simple way actually to tackle this error. So we will let you know how you can resolve the Google Voice Search not working easily. 

How To Solve Google Voice Search Not Working error

When the error is displayed, it also follows with details about a hyperlink that would lead you to a support page. The support page does not help with the error you are being troubled with. Follow the below steps to allow the Microphone to record voice in Google Chrome. 

 1: Enable Microphone Permissions

Chrome keeps security as the number one focus over the other fancy features. So, it might be understandable that the permissions to access the Microphone would be turned off by default. However, you have to enable this option to allow Google access to the Microphone. 

  • Head to the following page to get access to the microphone settings chrome://settings/content/microphone
  • Then turn on the toggle next to Blocked 
  • After that, you will see that the setting will change to Ask before accessing ( recommended)
  • Now you can use a microphone on some websites that allow the user.

 2: Allow On-site Access

After the first step, you are required to allow to access the Microphone so that you can access the voice search feature. To allow the microphone access follow the following steps – 

  • Head to
  • Then in the search bar, hit on the mic. 
  • Now, search for a video camera-shaped icon that would be next to the address bar. This will display once you hit the microphone button on the search bar. 
  • Click on the video camera icon. 
  • You will find the Microphone blocked message pop up. 
  • Then hit on and always allow to access your Microphone.
  • Then after that, hit on done.

This will enable Google to access the Microphone, and then you should be able to run the voice search smoothly.

If, for some reason, you find that Google Voice Search is still not working, you have to troubleshoot your mic in order to use google voice search.

 3: Troubleshoot

If you are not able to add to voice search, there might be some problem that is preventing Chrome from using the Microphone and listening to your voice. 

You can run Microsoft’s own troubleshooter to run a test for any faulty device or application. 

  • Launch the settings. To do so, you can also use the keyboard shortcut (Windows + I) 
  • Hit on Update & Security 
  • On the left pane, hit on Troubleshoot
  • Then on the right pane, hit and click on Speech
  • Then hit on run the troubleshooter
  • Now you have to just wait for the troubleshooter to complete it and analyze the problems with your Microphone.

If it displays that your device has an outdated device driver, you need to update it right away. You can do so from the troubleshooter itself, or you can do that from the device manager. 

  • Hit on Windows + R to run dialogue and enter devmgmt. msc.
  • Then hit enter to open the device manager 
  • Search the Audio inputs and outputs section. Hit on it to find the audio peripherals connected to the device
  • Right-click on your mic and then choose Update driver 
  • Follow the instructions given and update your device drivers

If it shows some hardware problem, you must take your device or the external mic setup to the manufacturer or the repair center and then get it sorted out or replaced depending on how the damage is.

The Google Chrome Voice Search is a commendable feature that is useful for everybody. People who can access this feature interact with their devices better. Read to find out more about chrome voice search not working.