Gmail is one of most widely used email services due to many of its unique features which makes it one of most popular email services provided by Google. Before April 2019 one had to be relied upon a 3rd party application for scheduling your email but due to it’s high demand Google had to roll out their own scheduling an email feature which saved much of the people time and was more safe, reliable as compared to any 3rd party application doing the same because Gmail provides security with two step verifications. Here we will be knowing how to schedule an email in Gmail.

How do you schedule an email in Gmail?

Therefore, we can to schedule an email via Gmail through various devices following the steps mentioned below:


  • Once you’ve written your email, click on the blue button with a down arrow next to the blue Send button. Don’t click on the “Send” button. Click on the “Compose” which is on the top-left side of the screen.
  • Then click on “Schedule send”
  • You’ll be given a couple of present occasions, which you can choose by tapping on them or set a specific send date and time by clicking ‘Pick date & time” option.
  • Click on any date to select and select the specific time when you want your email to be sent.
  • Then click on blue coloured button named “Schedule send”.
  • Now your email is scheduled as per the date and time provided. The maximum amount of scheduled email that one can send is 100 and cannot exceed more than that.


  • Open the Gmail mobile application.
  • Once you have written your e-mail in the Gmail mobile application for iOS or android.
  • Tap on the three dots symbol on the top right corner in your app next to the send button.
  • Click on the “Scheduled send” option.
  • You can tap on the time suggested or add your custom time by tapping on “Set date and time”.
  • If you tapped on “Set date and time” then choose date and time and click on “Schedule, send”.

After this your email will wait in the scheduled folder and will get automatically sent at the chosen date and time.

Cancelling scheduled messages or E-mail

Finding scheduled messages and cancelling them is likewise simple. There’s a new “Scheduled” folder in PC or smartphones. Just click on a message in the organizer and select “cancel send” in the upper right of the window to prevent a message from being sent. It’ll go right back to your drafts, scheduling an email is quite easy and the steps provided above are quite straightforward.

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