The pandemic taught us how to connect virtually and Google meet has been thriving as one of the online conferencing platforms that connects 100 of people in a jiffy. It is just a link and we find ourselves in the middle of a meeting. Schools and workplaces have turned into goggle meet to connect their students and their employees regularly until sometime now. But, even today most users are not familiar with Google meet and how does it work or say how to set up Google meet on desktop?

This article is a perfect site for them!

Google meet has been thriving as a stiff competitor to zoom and is not without signifacnce.It comes with some additional features and which is cheery on the top is that it is powered by Google.Thus, you know that is your data is in safe hands with Gmeet.

Thus this article concerns about the procedure to setup Google meet in various devices as not everybody has access to desktops, android or even iphone for that matter.

If you have been seeking solution to the question “Can I set up Google meet on desktop?”

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All you need to do is to follow the simple steps in a jiffy:-

  •       Go to the Google Meet website on your desktop to join up for a free Google Meet account. Enter your name, email address, country, and major usage for Google Meet (personal, business, education or government). Submit after agreeing to Google’s terms and conditions.

o   Go to Google’s Meet site (or, open the app on ios or Android, or start a meeting from Google Calendar).

o   Enter your meeting code or click Start new meeting to begin a new meeting.

o   Finally, choose the Google account that best suits your needs.

o   Join the meeting by clicking on the Join meeting button. You’ll be able to invite more people to your meeting.


  •       Navigate to the Play Store.
  •       To get started, go to the Google Play store and download the Meet app.
  •       In order to access the app on your phone, hit the Google Meet app.
  •       You may begin a video call on one device and continue it on another since calls are synced.
  •       Open the Meet app to begin a meeting.
  •       Launch the Meet app
  •       Activate a new meeting
  •       Start a meeting right away: Set up a meeting that you may join right away.
  •       Google calendar’s calendar schedule: A meeting may be scheduled by navigating to the Google Calendar app and clicking “Schedule.”


You’ll need to download the Google Meet app from the App Store in order to know how to set up Google meet met on iphone. As a first-time user of the app, you’ll have to choose a Google account from the list of accounts you’ve linked to your iphone. To make a call, all you need to do is follow these steps:

Here’s how to get started with a Google Meet on your iphone.

  •       To begin a new meeting, open the Meet app and choose “New meeting” from the drop-down menu.
  •       Click “Start an immediate meeting” in the pop-up window that appears.
  •       Start or join meetings with Google Meet on your iphone, and take use of the app’s extra capabilities while you’re there.
  •       When the meeting starts, you’ll get a message with meeting details for you to start a meeting.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind while setting up a Google meet before getting started. It’s important to remember that no other pre-installed software interferes with Google meet, making it sluggish. The tips to set up Google meet goes as follows:-

  •       It’s a good idea to double-check your internet connection, since Google Meet won’t work properly if your connection is unstable.
  •       To avoid being infected by viruses and other malware, make sure an antivirus programme is already installed on your computer.
  •       Make sure that the microphone and webcam are working properly so that you may participate in the Google meeting. Otherwise, at meetings, no one would be able to hear or see you.

In certain cases these tips to set up Google meet. There’s no need to panic; the solution is only a few mouse clicks away.

There are three main sorts of issues with Google Meet. We’ve had problems with software, hardware, and connectivity to the web.

An example of a software issue might be a browser crash or an app not being able to run. There are a lot of hardware difficulties that are caused by a problem with your camera or microphone while you are up to setup Google meet.

  •       Make sure your machine is up to snuff for Google Meet. On Windows and macOS, all major browsers are supported, although you’ll need the most current version.
  •       Make sure the meeting code is correct before you begin. Even though Google Meet sessions are normally set up by links rather than physically inputting a meeting code, there is still a chance that anything goes wrong. Contact the meeting host and make sure the code is accurate.
  •       The camera should be accessible via your browser. In the address bar of most browsers, you’ll see a camera symbol. To examine the camera’s settings and make sure it’s working, click on the camera icon.
  •       Restart your web browser. This should fix any troubles you’re having with your browser for the time being.
  •       Switch browsers and see how it goes! Google Meet is compatible with all major web browsers, according to its system requirements. However, the problem might be caused by a bug or a misconfiguration in your normal web browser.
  •       Make sure you’re connected to the Internet. Wi-Fi may be sluggish if your PC is located far from your router. This will alleviate any issues caused by poor Wi-Fi service.

Now that you’ve learned how to set up Google meet on several devices without a lot of fuss, you’re ready to go.