Norton antivirus Setup

Norton Antivirus is software that helps users keep viruses and other malware out of their computers and other devices. It also safeguards your system against viruses, Trojan horses, and malware. The Norton Anti-virus program can be used to scan the computer for dangers. It can detect and stop phishing attempts from websites attempting to get your personal information, as well as walk you through how to

How can I set up Norton on your PC?

Purchase and download:

Yes, we realize it goes without saying, but the first step is to purchase the Norton product you desire. Then, go to the Norton product page and select the one you want — for this guide, we’ll be using Norton 360 Deluxe. Click on “Subscribe Now” and fill in all required information (choosing a password for your Norton account, entering payment information).

After you’ve made your payment, click the ‘Get Started’ button on the order confirmation screen to download the Norton installer, and then follow the on-screen instructions to click on this EXE file and then move at the bottom of your browser window once it’s finished downloading. The downloader will start up and download the remaining files needed to install the application. The program will then ask for your permission to change your system, so select ‘Yes.’

Install Norton:

To begin the installation procedure, go to, click the ‘Install’ button. You can join Norton Community Watch to contribute your data to help block new threats as they develop or decline if you wish to keep your data private – if you want to pass on this, choose ‘Maybe Later.’

Norton will then begin to install Norton antivirus Setup; the procedure will take some time, so you can either wait and watch the spinning circle or make a cup of your favorite beverage!


When Norton is finished installing, it will activate itself, communicating briefly with the company’s servers before displaying the main menu, informing you that one of five licenses has been used in case you’ve installed Norton 360 Deluxe. Now that the device you’ve just installed the app on is now fully protected.

Browsing Protection:

If you dismiss the Norton main menu window and return to your browser, you’ll find that a new tab will soon open offering Norton extensions for the browser (we used Chrome, as you can see above – for this tour, we’ll assume you’re using Chrome as well). You may enable Safe Web (the principal web browsing protection), Safe Search, and Norton’s Password Manager by clicking “Enable All Norton Extensions” (as well as making Norton your home page).

Patch up:

After selecting your extensions, return to Norton’s main menu – assuming you want any, though Safe Web is a good idea – and update the application. To do so, go to the top of the main menu and click on Device Security. Then, just beneath that, click on ‘LiveUpdate.’

Norton LiveUpdate will scan for updates and, if one is found, will download it. But, first, you must confirm that you want to apply the downloaded patch by clicking on the ‘Apply Now button. Now sit still while Norton restarts and applies the fix.

Scan your system:

Norton will run an initial fast scan shortly after installation to inspect the contents of your PC for viruses or anything else suspect. But if it doesn’t, or if you forget, you may always do a self-scan for a quick check-up. Click on ‘Quick Scan’ at the top of the main menu, which says Device Security.

Alternatively, a comprehensive scan of your system is a good option for thoroughness. To do so, click on the ‘Open’ button next to Device Security, immediately across from ‘Quick Scan,’ and then the arrow pointing down on the right, which shows the ‘Scans’ option. Next, select ‘Full System’ in the following dialogue box.

Don’t forget to sign in: 

Suppose you’ve purchased one of the higher-tier products, such as Norton 360 Deluxe, in our example. In that case, you’ll be prompted to sign in before all capabilities (such as parental controls and dark web monitoring) become available. Click the ‘Sign In’ link near the bottom of the main menu and enter your Norton account password when requested. After that, those additional features will appear in the main menu, where you may configure or manage them.

That’s it; you’ve now completed the basic Norton Setup. Now, the next step is to decide particularly which of the aforementioned extra features you’d like to use and set up them according to the instructions provided.

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