Following a YouTube channel is an excellent method to keep up with your favorite YouTube channels and content producers’ trending and new videos. The more you use YouTube and find new great channels, the longer your list of YouTube channels you’ve subscribed to and followed will grow. The alerts for the software on your PC are mirrored in the Google Chrome browser on your PC, so if you follow or subscribe to any YouTube channel, you will receive notifications on new videos or any other recent trend connected to the channels you subscribe to. Another consideration is the frequency with which YouTube notifications are sent. Suppose you have a large number of channels subscribed to. You will receive a YouTube notification each time the video is uploaded, or YouTube identifies any suggestion. The number of YouTube notifications you receive in a day is so high that you can’t avoid them till you turn them off. You can permanently disable Stop YouTube notifications Chrome using the browser options as a workaround. You can also disable YouTube notifications within the app. You can switch off the notifications to avoid being distracted from your present task.

How to Turn Off YouTube Notifications on Google Chrome?

  • Go to Chrome’s settings page.
  • Type text notifications into the search bar.
  • You are supposed to select Site Settings from the drop-down menu in Google Chrome. The screen below appears.
  • There is a Block section under the Notifications section.
  • Select Add from the drop-down menu.
  • In the Site text box, type
  • Select Add from the drop-down menu. Chrome’s YouTube alerts are disabled.

Other YouTube permissions can be specified as well. You’ll see a list of permissions if you click the right arrow.

By following the above-stated steps, you can find out how to turn off YouTube notifications on Chrome? Now, all you are required to do is follow the steps and find answers to the questions like how to turn off YouTube notifications chrome?

How to Turn off YouTube Notifications from the YouTube App?

If you wish to seek or find out how to stop YouTube notifications on Chrome, you should follow a few essential instructions explained here. Then, check out the steps to know more about it. 

  • You are supposed to click on your profile photo in the top right corner.
  • Scroll down and select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • The notification should be clicked.
  • To turn off a specific notice, move the sliders to the desired position.

The YouTube Notifications have been successfully disabled in the app.

How can I play YouTube videos in the background on Android?

You can play YouTube videos in the background for free if you follow this method, and it would work on both Android and iOS, in case you’re curious. Here’s how to go about it.

  • In Google Chrome, go to
  • After the website has loaded, select the Desktop site from the vertical three-dots symbol in the top-right corner.
  • Now look for any video you want to watch and open it.
  • Your video will begin playing immediately on the next page.
  • Return to the home screen, but the video will have stopped playing in the background.
  • Pull down the notification shade, and the media controls for the video you just watched will appear.
  • Press play and your video will begin playing in the background.

That’s all there is to it for stop YouTube notifications chrome. It’s a simple process that anyone can undertake. Most users, however, may want to leave this option turned on to receive notifications of new videos from their favorite channels at all times. However, if you find this feature bothersome, you can try turning off YouTube notifications in Google Chrome. You can also ask questions about any aspect of the presentation that you don’t understand.


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