Turn on tablet mode makes Windows more touch-friendly for individuals who aren’t already aware of it. The Start menu and other Windows features transform into full-screen mode when you turn on tablet mode on your desktop or laptop, so you can use your device like a tablet. So instead of using a keyboard or mouse, you can use your device as a tablet.

Tablet mode rests on certain Windows 11 devices, similar to the tablet mode available on earlier versions of the platform. Windows 11 changes modes automatically, as opposed to Windows 10 which brings in many malfunctions. The following are a few things that might help fix Tablet mode not working on Windows 11.

There is nothing like turn off Windows 11 Tablet as it is done automatically in Windows 11. However, it would be futile to say that it cannot be put back into gear. Expect your Windows 11 system to remain unchanged after you transition to tablet mode. The feature just enhances the desktop icon size, adds some space between the icons, and other small tweaks.

However most users get stuck with how to turn on Windows 11 Tablet mode not working. If you are one such user then,

This article is a perfect fit for you!

How can I fix Tablet mode not working in Windows 11? If you are expecting some trouble shooting methods to get away with the problems. Then it is the perfect fit!

  •     The Keyboard Must Be Properly Attached Before Using: To turn on tablet mode Windows 11 may occasionally become stuck in tablet mode when the keyboard is mistakenly reattached. So, before you begin any technical glitch troubleshooting on your Windows 11 system, make sure that the tablet’s keyboard is securely attached. In the vast majority of cases, this is the root of

The problem is Tablet mode not working. The problem is that if the keyboard is connected successfully and your system is still in tablet mode, you’ll need to try something different.

  •     The tablet mode may be disabled by reverting the laptop’s screen back to its usual orientation if there is no detachable keyboard in Windows 11. Your screen must be turned so that the system knows you’ve reverted to laptop mode; otherwise, it won’t work.
  •     You may be able to get your system back to normal with a simple reboot. Windows 11 may be restarted. Although it might sound very cliché, a basic often a simple restart has been able to fix many issues that have stemmed from a technical glitch. Windows 11 or a background process may be to blame for the issue of turn off Tablet mode; therefore restarting your computer should solve it. Usually, restarting a Windows machine fixes any issues that may be occurring. Go on to the next patch if your laptop is still in tablet mode.
  •     Make sure you have the latest version of Windows installed on your computer. Having problems with your computer may be the result of using an old version of Windows. It might potentially have a negative impact on the overall functioning of your computer. You may be trapped in tablet mode if you haven’t upgraded your PC to the newest Windows 11 version yet.
  •     A scan of your computer using SFC must be performed in order to fix Tablet mode not working on windows 11. The SFC scan is Windows built-in diagnostic software that may help you fix damaged files on your PC. When your laptop is stuck in tablet mode, corrupt data may be to blame. In order to do an SFC scan in Windows 11, just follow these simple steps:
  • Command Prompt may be opened by tapping on the search icon displayed on the taskbar, typing “Command Prompt,” and then right clicking on it and selecting “Run as administrator.”
  • Copy and paste the following command into the Command Line Terminal and press Enter to execute it.
  • It is necessary for you to wait till the scanning procedure is completed. To see whether the issue remains, restart your device and then check to see if it does so again.
  •     It’s always a good idea to restore your computer’s system if all else fails, particularly when dealing with a system breakdown. Restoring your computer may impact your settings and erase any newly installed programmes, but it will not lose or edit any data.
  •     It is never too late for a system update to keep such malfunctions away. These steps assist in the system update in a jiffy:-
  •     To access the Settings menu, click on the Windows symbol on the taskbar.
  •     Navigate to the “Windows Update” area of the left-hand menu panel. Select “Windows Update” from the drop-down menu.
  •     For more current updates, click on the “Check for Updates” button to check if there are any newer versions available.
  •     If the most current version of Windows has been published, be sure to upgrade your device as soon as possible.
  •     The last but not least is to check for any virus attack in Windows 11.Often a virus attack disables the working of the tablet mode or say it is a virus attack the tablet mode in Windows 11 not working is to be blamed for.

In order to make it simpler to utilize Windows 11 n 2-in-1 devices like the Surface Pro and Surface Book, turn on tablet mode in Windows 11 devices was launched. The following methods, however, will guarantee that the issue is remedied as soon as possible if your Windows 11 is stuck in tablet mode and you are unable to stop tablet mode. In extreme scenarios where you can’t get back into your daily working because of the tablet mode malfunctioning in Windows 11 it is always recommended to get in touch with the Windows 11 customer service and seek for help.