Facebook is a renowned application which is worldwide famous to connect with people and make friends. It’s, by far, the most popular, with over 2.85 billion active users as of July 2021. We’ve compiled a list of solutions for Facebook not working and how to make Facebook private. Recently its name got changed to META. META now has developed a lot and has got many new features to explore. It’s features like Facebook lock which means we can lock our profile and it won’t appear to show our details; only the one whose request we accept will be able to see our profile. It also got reels. You can now make reels on Facebook too. These new features are quite nice, especially the lock for Facebook. It will help to be safe from profile stalkers or anyone.

First let’s know what is Facebook lock features?

Firstly, let’s find out what is lock profile on Facebook. Facebook is an excellent social media for making connections. However, as the world is getting more concerned and worried about data privacy, it is time to protect your Facebook for good and so Locking your profile secures your data from hackers and protects your account too.

  •       Facebook has already provided several privacy options. This latest lock for Facebook feature enables users to lock their profile photos and posts
  •       Those who are not in your friendliest cannot look into, share, or download your profile photos and posts.
  •       It also doesn’t allow the third party from seeing the posts on your timeline.
  •       If you have already shared any public post on your timeline in the past, it will only be visible to your friends’ .

What happens when you lock your Facebook feature?

Let’s go through some impossible detailed steps to know more of locking feature on Facebook

  •   If you Lock your Facebook profile it won’t impact your friend request settings. Anyone can send you a friend request, and vice versa.
  •   The message settings also remain undisturbed. However, you can restrict or delete users for sending messages that are not in your friend list.
  •   Information such as your location -hometown, current city, education details, etc., would not be available to unknown people if you have locked your profile.
  •   Your profile pictures, cover photos along with information are locked to unknown users who are not in your friends list.
  •   Those who are not on your friends’ list or unknown won’t be able to view or zoom your profile picture. In case someone apart from your friends try to zoom into your profile pic or view it full screen, it will show your profile is locked.
  •   If you feel weird or unsafe about unknown friend requests, you can always block them.

By following the above steps and understanding it you can easily get on with it and you will have your knowledge too.

How to lock your Facebook profile?

Let’s take a look on the steps to understanding the whole process-

  1.   Firstly, open the Facebook app on your device
  2.       On the home page, click your Profile picture.
  3.       Tap on the three dots Menu
  4.   From the menu options on the page, select the Lock Profile option.
  5.       Select the “Lock Your Profile” option at the end of the page on the Lock Profile option
  6.       Once complete, A new message will appear on the screen saying, you locked your profile. Only your friends can see the photos and posts on your profile
  7.       Tap Ok to complete the process.

Hence, by following these steps your profile will be locked and you will be secured as well. You can go through the above paragraphs to know more about how to lock profile on fb and what it is and how it works.

Also, if you can’t find the Facebook profile lock on your Facebook page, you can go to the Facebook privacy settings to enable lock profile feature and If you want your friend to lock their profile you can invite them to lock their profile to introduce this feature.

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