Printers have been the gift of technology to mankind. It has been either available as inkjet printers or laser printers. Many printer brands have been booming in the market since the last century and Epson has been one of them. Epson has made both inkjet and laser printers available in the market for users. These printers have been designed to cater to the printing needs of the users across the globe.

However, if the printer is left shabby then your printing needs will come to a halt. This is where most users ask, “How do I get my Epson printers to clean itself”

What is a cleaning cycle on Epson printers?

In order to keep the printer function properly a healthy clean up is the only way out. You cannot help but clean a clogged or dry printrhead or will have to pay the price instead. Cleaning cycles in printing terms simply means cleaning up of the dry or clogged printer heads in order not to put all your printing needs to halt.

If the print head is not taken good care of, you will have to compromise with the printing quality.

Why do you need to run a cleaning cycle on the Epson printer?

Most users across the globe have subscribed to Epson printers for meeting their printing requirements. But not all is familiar with

How to clean Epson printer heads

It is necessary to keep the printer heads immune to clog or dirt very. Most importantly it is necessary to use the printer regularly or frequently to do away with the print heads clogging or dying up. This is so because a clogged or a shabby print head can entirely put a halt to printing documents for you. An Epson printer cannot entirely do without print heads. In an inkjet printer when ink makes its way through the print heads, the latter might get clogged with ink. It can either be too hazy or can be too dark or you can have straight lines in place of what you have put out for printing.However, at times a clogged printer not printing properly is mistaken for a shortage in the ink cartridge but often a replacement is  not an alternative to how to clean Epson printer heads.

If you are too seeking a solution on “how do I run the clean cycle on my printer then?

You are in the right place!

It is not uncommon for Epson printers to malfunction as it too has been thriving in the printing fraternity for long. Thus, an Epson printer clogging up is not unusual. In order to keep your Epson printer going, it is essential to go for a thorough cleaning cycle.

How do I get my Epson printer to clean it?

During the cleaning process, the dried ink is cleared as printers shook a very small amount of ink clearing all the dried ink that has been cluttering in the print head making it shabby.However, in order not to miss out on dry and clogged print heads it is always wise to subscribe to the in built print head cleaning cycle that will save your time and do the needful.However, you will have to keep a thorough check on if it was done right.

These steps will help you dive through the process of activating the print head cleaning cycle from getting your print head’s shabby

  •     The 1st step is to turn on the printer and ensure that no printing activity has been in operation.
  •     Next you have to ensure that the ink cartridge is in place and not malfunctioning. If so then get it checked.
  •     The third step is ensuring that there is paper in the tray, if not get some papers in the tray.
  •     Click on start of the computer and select devices and printers followed by clicking on your printer from the list of printers available.
  •     Click on your Epson printer and double click on the adjust printers options which will make way to the Printing preference dialog box .Select the maintenance tab and click on Head cleaning .These options can be different on different versions of Epson.
  •     All you have to do is click on start or next to set the stage for Head cleaning to do its job.
  •     The head cleaning process is set in finally. Many minutes might be spent in this manner. The printer may be irreversibly damaged if it is turned off during the cleaning procedure. Cleanup is complete, which means that the printer’s power light will cease flashing after the operation is complete.

In order to get things running again, we sometimes have to put in a little elbow grease. Let it go; it’s not a major hassle; it’s more of a little annoyance than anything. When it comes to clearing clogs, there are a number of methods you might use.

Thus to keep the print head going and the printer healthy an occasional cleanup or following up if the cleanup has been done becomes the need of the hour. After the cleanup has been done it is necessary to make a nozzle check

However, it is wise to be prepared for the worst. In certain cases the Epson printer clean doesn’t work .This is when you need to take the pain of doing it. If the cleaning cycle fails to keep up with its job then the dried ink has to be blamed.Thus, a manual cleaning of the dried ink will fix this issue.

Cleaning printer heads is not without significance and varies with different version of the Epson printer. Thus in order to master “Cleaning Cycle on My Epson Printer, the aforementioned steps should be followed word by word.

Even after this if you cannot get through cleaning your print heads either manually or automatically then try to reach out to the Epson printer customer service or resort to the manual of the printer for settings may vary accordingly with the versions.