Popular Google chat is a secured communication tool which is designed in a way to provide frequent business communication within the ecosystem of Google WorkSpace.

With the help of Google chat, not only individuals can stay connected but the teams can also collaborate via text, create collaborative chat rooms, share documents, deliver great presentations and of course conducting web conferences are also really easy. We have seen the users of Gchat who are usually satisfied with the great services.

But that’s factually correct too, that facing technical problems is common and needs attention.

Are you also annoyed with people sending you too many unwanted messages on Gchat? Do you also need to find out how to block someone on Gchat, then hurry up and have a glance at this blog particularly as it will be a ray of hope for you!

Block Someone in Google Chat App

People do feel extremely exhausted when they have to deal with unwanted texts, or messages on Gchat. Although people can resolve the issue of  GChat blocked, just know the steps and find out the ways.

(On Mobile : Android or iOS)

Open the Google Chat App on your mobile, click on the conversation with the contact whom you want to block. Tapping on the name of the contact is mandatory; you can find the name at the top of the screen. Click on Block, click on block to confirm your selection. These are the steps which help anyone to block Gchat on Phone.

(On Desktop)

Official Site must be visited: chat.google.com on your browser on your personal computer. Find out the specific contact, whom you are interested in blocking, you can find it on the left sidebar, click on the three dot menu icon just beside the contact. One must click on ‘block and report’ and then click on ‘block’ again to apply your choice.

There is a different way as well to block Gchat unwanted users. In this particular format, you can block anyone with their conversation window open, just click on their specific names, directly at the top just to seek option, then go to ‘block and report’

Just done, then a particular dialogue box will open on your screen, you should confirm it. You should know that one can report the particular conversation and for that you must click on ‘block’ to stop the specific individual from contacting you on Google Chat.

Hurray! We are glad that you are able to block Google Chat of anyone whom you don’t like or wish to talk to.

(Via Gmail)

In the ecosystem of Google, it is trying to make Google Chat a primary chatting tool. Now, this has been intensely submerged into the Gmail Website. One can go to mail.google.com, log in and then one can check out the ‘chats’ or ‘rooms’ banners which you can find towards the left. One can hover the cursor over anyone’s name, located under the chats or banners. User must click on the vertical ellipsis button as it clearly presents itself. User must click on ‘Report and Block’

One must select the ‘report option’ if you want to click on a block. While chatting also one can click on the vertically situated ellipsis button. One can find this button towards the top-right.  Just scroll down, and then click on ‘report and block’. User will get the confirmation dialog and it will ask you whether you want to report the person alongside blocking them. Users can have a look at ‘Also report’ option if one wishes to block, just do it. Doing so will surely help you to seek how to block Gchat?

Consequences of blocking someone on Google Chat App or Gchat!

Obviously, if you block someone on Google Chat, there must be some sort of outcome for that. Few important changes that might happen include:

Suppose that particular person whom you blocked is a part of your Gsuite Organization, and then absolutely they can still view your activity status. They can also check when you are online. In case, anyone whom you have blocked tries to send you a message, then they would receive notifications that you have blocked them. If you block anyone on Gchat, they will never be able to access the attachments which are shared by you prior in the conversation if required.

Now, if you do block someone in the Gchat app, they will automatically get blocked from Hangouts, Google Photos, Google Maps and even Google plus. Also, your last 10 particular messages with the specified contact are surely sent to Google, if you do check the box for ‘also report’ when blocking someone.

It is our suggestion to you to have a look at this blog specifically as it will surely be helpful in finding out how to block someone on Gchat?