You may add one or more personalized signatures to your email messages in Outlook. Text, photos, your electronic business card, a logo, or even an image of your handwritten signature can all be included in your signature. You can configure Outlook so that signatures are automatically added to all outgoing messages, or you can build your signature and add it to messages as needed. Create your signature and specify when Outlook should add it to your messages.

Important: If you have a Microsoft 365 account and use Outlook and Outlook on the web for business, you must generate a signature in both applications. See Create and add an email signature in or Outlook on the web for instructions on how to do so. Change email signature in Outlook, just follow.

Create a new email message.

  •       Select Signature > Signatures from the Message menu.
  •       The Message menu and the Signature button may appear in different locations depending on the size of your Outlook window and whether you’re composing a new email message, a reply, or a forward.
  •       Choose New from the Select Signature to Edit menu, and then type a name for the signature in the New Signature dialogue box.
  •       Compose your signature under Edit signature. You can adjust the fonts, font colors, font sizes, and text alignment. If you want to make a more complex signature with bullets, tables, or borders, format your text in Word first, then copy and paste the signature.
  •       Set the following settings for your signature under Choose default signature:
  •       Select an email account to associate with the signature from the E-mail account drop-down box. Each email account can have a unique signature.

Know how to change email signature in Outlook, read to find out more about it.

How to Modify an Email Signature in Outlook for iOS?

This article will show you how to modify the Outlook email signature on your iPhone or iPad from the default “Get Outlook for iOS” message to something else. Add contact information, a quote, or any other information, for example. The Outlook mobile app for iOS 12 and later is covered in the instructions. Know how to change Outlook email signatures on iPhone?

In the Outlook iOS App, modify the email signature. Microsoft and non-Microsoft email accounts, such as Gmail and Yahoo, are supported by the Outlook mobile app for iOS. As long as the account is listed inside the Outlook programme, you can follow these methods to modify your Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and other email signatures.

  •       Make a signature
  •       Create a new message. Select Signature in the Include group on the Message pane, and then click Signatures.
  •       Click New on the Email Signature tab.
  •       Click OK after entering a name for the signature.
  •       Type the text that you want to appear in the signature in the Edit signature box.
  •       To format the text, first pick it, then use the style and formatting buttons to choose the settings you desire.

To add elements other than text, first click where you want the element to appear, then perform one of the following:

How to Add a Custom Email Signature to an iPhone or iPad

Follow along to learn how to add personalized email signatures on iPhone and iPad, whether you have one or numerous email accounts. This guide will show you how to add email signatures on iPhone and iPad using the default Mail app. If you want to add a signature to an email using a third-party email client, look in the app’s settings. Know to change Outlook email signature on iPad, find the ways. With the iOS Mail app, you can have a signature that applies to all of your email accounts, or you can have individual signatures for each account.

How to Add a Custom Email Signature to an iPhone or iPad?

  •       Open the Settings menu.
  •       Swipe down and select Mail.
  •       Swipe down and choose Signature.
  •       Put your signature here (can be the same for all accounts or on per account basis)

If you have an iPhone and an iPad, you must set up signatures on both devices because they do not automatically sync. Repeat the previous steps. Know to change Outlook email signature on 365.

If you want to try out alternative email clients, check out our comparison of the best email apps for iPhone and top email apps for Mac.

  •       When you’re finished, return to the Settings screen by tapping the back arrow.
  •       The new signature is now visible in the Signature area. The signature does not appear if Per Account Signatures is enabled.
  •       To return to your inbox, press the Exit button.

How to Insert an Image into Outlook for iPhone and Android?

IMPORTANT: You cannot add an image to Android, but you CAN on iPhone iOS. This is due to the fact that HTML is supported by Outlook for iOS but not by Outlook for Android. This implies that iOS allows you to add a signature with rich features such as photos, icons, and buttons, whereas Android simply allows for a simple text structure and the addition of links. Find out ways to Insert an Image into Outlook for iPhone and Android

  •       If you’re an Android user, the steps outlined above will provide you with a simple text signature with links.
  •       In Outlook for Android, how do you create a link?
  •       To add a link to your Android signature, open a new chat window and make the signature there.
  •       Make a new message.
  •       Choose the text to be converted into a hyperlink.
  •       Tap “Add link” in the settings popup > and enter your link address.
  •       Copy the complete signature after selecting it.
  •       Tap the account icon in the upper left corner.
  •       To open Outlook settings, tap the gear icon in the bottom left corner.
  •       To access the signature options, tap Signature.
  •       Copy and paste your signature into the signature text section.

Insert Outlook signature on iPhone and Android now, just follow and understand the ways. Through the steps you can find one to fix now.