Business in the 21st century owes much to stable accounting software that takes care of their accounting needs. It has come as a boon to small and medium sized business owners who have to deal with accounts on a daily basis. Intuit QuickBooks is a great accounting tool for small businesses since it simplifies accounting and finance tasks. All you have to do is enter your user name and password into QuickBooks to get started. However there can be a situation where you lose or forget your QB password? Then, you’ll need to reset the QuickBooks password to access the company’s information. Changes to the company’s password may be necessary in order to keep sensitive data safe from hackers and other cyber criminals. If you don’t generate a password that is easy for you to remember, you’ll likely lose your old one as well in the near future

Why is password necessary in QuickBooks?

Without a password, it is difficult to accomplish any accounting task in QuickBooks. A username and password is the prerequisite to get started with quickbooks. However, without a strong stable password your QuickBooks will be an easy victim to hackers. Or there can be times when you either forget or lose your password and have requested a password recovery.

A common question that wraps the head of many QuickBooks users is “how to change or reset QuickBooks password?

The article is all about this!


Getting your QuickBooks password back is indeed not as smooth as a pancake. Users struggle to change their passwords because they are unaware of the procedure. Of how to reset or change QuickBooks password either manually or utilizing password recovery tool in a jiffy.

It is needless to know the ways to reset or change QuickBooks password so that if one fails the other can help you resume accounting work in QuickBooks in a jiffy.


The user frequently finds articles to change the QB admin and user passwords. Changing your Intuit QuickBooks password manually takes into account two steps.

The first is to pick which password to change and the second is to change it.

  •     Select the Password Reset Type
  •     Change Admin Password If you used to merely input your password while signing in.
  •     Reset QB Admin Password if you only use it to login in
  •     You are an admin user if your username is “Admin”.
  •     If your login is Admin, click Reset Admin Password.
  •     For non-Admin users, your QuickBooks admin may reset your password. Contact your admin and follow the procedures in the section below to reset your user password.
  •     After determining the password type, you must reset it.

If you attempt to reset the admin password and it doesn’t work, you’ll need to validate your details as a security measure. If you can’t recall the information, follow the steps below:-

  •     Log in to the QuickBooks
  •     Choose “I lost my password” in the QuickBooks Desktop Login Window.
  •     Then choose an email from the list and click next.
  •     You will be sent a code to reset the Admin QuickBooks password.
  •     Reset QuickBooks password to a more stable one.

How to Recover a Lost QB User Password

  •     Log in as the admin user in QuickBooks.
  •     Then pick “Set up Users and Passwords” under the Company. Then choose Set up Users.
  •     Reply with the Admin Password.
  •     Now, under the User List, choose the user who wishes to change QuickBooks password.
  •     Then choose Edit User.
  •     Click next twice, and then finish completing the procedure.

If the previous methods don’t work to reset the admin and user passwords: Double-click on the information you gave, then check for mistakes and ensure the information matches what is in CAMPS.

Still having trouble? Try the Automated Password Reset Tool.

  •     QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool: How to Use
  •     Automated Password Recovery Tool
  •     Get the QuickBooks Password Reset Tool from Intuit.
  •     Click on the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery programme in the system’s Download folder.
  •     Then click Browse and choose the locked business file.
  •     Next, then Sign in to the QuickBooks email account.
  •     Intuit will send you a code.
  •     Password reset window now requires a Security Code.
  •     Once you’ve done that, click Next to continue. Wait for the tool to reset the password.
  •     Open the business file and enter your new password.
  •     Finally, click OK to save the new password and access the corporate file.

If you can’t utilize the automated password reset method in a hassle free manner, you may use the QuickBooks Recovery tool.

How to Recover Password in QuickBooks using a password recovery tool?

Use the QuickBooks Password Recovery tool to reset the business file password. Open the company files in QuickBooks Desktop.

  •     Enter your password in the wizard and choose “I Forgot My Password”.
  •     Now answer your security questions and click OK.
  •     After that, click Close to close the Password Removed Window.
  •     Locked QB Pop-up
  •     QB Password Removed Boxes
  •     The QB will now prompt you for a new password and security questions.
  •     Then fill in the details and click next.
  •     End with the new password for the corporate file.

This article does not stick to one method of reset or change QuickBooks password but has opened room for two or more alternatives that can help retrieve the QuickBooks password in a jiffy. Thus, it is always advisable to go for a more strong easy and stable password that could be easily retained and can or event an unauthorized access your QuickBooks account. However, it is needless to say that the QuickBooks users are familiar with the email password recovery method in order to get a new password to resume their accounting work in QuickBooks.