Brother Printers are one of the most popular devices that can be used for printing in office setups. These printers are popular for their nature as heavy machinery. These can be used to connect to any wireless network setup and start printing. The printers can be connected to both Android and iOS devices, which makes them so useful in any kind of setting. Read to find out how to connect my Brother Printer to my iPhone?

How to Set Up a Brother Printer

Setting up these printers is a simple affair for any first-time user. Find out how to set up Brother Printer? Once the device is physically installed, the main steps to connect the device to your mobile device are:

➔        Choose Network and press the OK button

➔        Select WiFi Direct

➔        Choose the “Group Owner option”

➔        Select Manual and press OK

Setting up with the Network

In order for a Brother printer to work properly, the first thing to be done is to set it up with a Wireless network. Any kind of router can be used to set up a Brother router. There are a few steps that have to be followed to do this:

➔        Go to the Settings option from your phone

➔        Choose WiFi and “Connect Device” on your phone

➔        Find the Brother printer device on your phone

➔        Tap on the device to connect to the printer

➔        Enter the password and log-in key to set up the device and connect it to your printer

Once you have set up the device, there are options to connect it to an Android or iOS device. You have to go forward from here to set up your printing device with your mobile device.

Printing with an iPhone

There are a lot of situations when you might need an emergency printout. But is it always possible to save documents on specific devices to take for printouts? In case you have your documents saved on an iPhone, it is necessary to know how to add a Brother printer to iPhone. This simply means you can connect an iPhone to any printing device that can let you take a printout.

Settings and compatibility of iPhones are usually different from all other devices. For printouts and compatibility with printing devices, the best method is to go for the specific apps on iOS. These apps can help you easily connect your device with devices that can print directly from your iPhone. This article helps you to understand how this can be done.

Steps to Follow

There are two main options where you can connect your iPhone with AirPrint or the Printer Pro applications – both of which are available on iOS.

Here are the steps you need to follow when you are trying to figure out how to connect my Brother printer to my iPhone:

➔        Turn on the Brother device to which the iPhone has to be connected

➔        Go to “Setup Wizard” and select “OK”

➔        Press 1, which will initiate wireless setup with the option “Switch Network interface to Wireless?”

➔        This option will redirect to the window where you can choose the WiFi networks available in the vicinity. Here you can choose the desired connection that will be connected to your printer

➔        Press 1 to apply the changes

➔        At this point, your printing device will be connected to a network, in turn connecting your iPhone to the printer

➔        Once the process is completed, the printer will show a confirmation report with the WLAN connection that can be printed

➔        Pressing OK will finish the process

These are the steps involved in connect Brother printer to the iPhone. All you have to make sure that both your devices are connected to the same WLAN network.

After you make sure of all these processes, you can simply hit “Print” and any number of documents can be printed from your iPhone.

In case you are looking for an easier option to get printouts with an iPhone, you could use the Printer Pro (iOS) as the application to print. Printer Pro is an iOS that can be downloaded on your iPhone, making the connection to an iPhone easier. It works just like the Apple AirPrint app which keeps print settings same, just connecting it to devices that are close.

It is important to know how to set up your printer on a wireless network. Once this is done, it will enable you to create a connection at any place. Obviously, the best outcome from this situation is to have a device that can give you printouts from your phone anywhere, at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions on Brother Printer Setup

  1. Is it difficult to set up a Brother Printer?

Ans – Setting up a Brother printer is no different from setting up a normal printer. This device is extremely important for printing, especially because it can print without being connected to a system. It has a built-in WiFi printing system which helps to print on a network.

2. Which version of iOS does a Brother Printer support?

Ans – At present, the Brother printer is known to support any of the iOS software. The latest versions of iOS can work perfectly on a Brother Printer setup.

3. Can Brother Printer work with Ethernet?

Ans – It is preferred that a Brother printer is set up on a wireless or WLAN network. However, in case there is an issue with the wireless setup, there is an option to connect the Brother printer with an Ethernet cable and then be set up with a mobile device.