Incognito Mode in Google Chrome is a useful tool. When utilizing a public computer or someone else’s device allows you to keep your browser history private. You can also use it on your own smartphone for personal reasons. However, the Incognito Mode is not so fantastic when it comes to your children, especially if they are minors. They can use their home computer to browse any forbidden online fruit they want, and you won’t even know it. That is why it is critical to be able to prevent the use of Incognito Mode.

How to Disable Incognito Mode in Windows?

If you look through the Google Chrome options, you’ll see that there’s no way to turn off Incognito Mode. If there was a method to secure its use with a password, that would be fantastic. Unfortunately, such a function does not exist. Therefore, you’ll have to rely on alternative solutions on your Windows computer.

  • To open the Run application, press Windows + R on your keyboard, then type “Regedit” and click Enter. Then, in the left-hand menu, double-click HKEY LOCAL MACHINE.
  • Select Software.
  • Go to Policies and select it.
  • Look for a folder called Google in the Policies folder; if you don’t find it, you’ll have to make one. Right-click Policies, choose New > Key and rename it to ‘Google ‘without the quotation marks.
  • When you open the Google folder, you should see a Chrome folder. You will have to make this one as well if you do not see it. Rename Google by right-clicking it and selecting New > Key from the menu.
  • Change the name of the item to ‘IncognitoModeAvailability, ‘with no quotation marks, by right-clicking the Chrome folder and selecting New >DWORD 32-bit Value.
  • Click OK after double-clicking IncognitoModeAvailability and changing the value to 1.

To make the changes take effect, close the Registry Editor and restart your computer. Open Google Chrome after the restart. You’ll see that the New Incognito Window option is no longer available.

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On a Mac, how do you turn off incognito mode?

Yes, you certainly can. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • You must move to your Mac, launch Finder.
  • Click the “Go” button.
  • Now, you must select Utilities from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, you should Open Terminal from the list of available applications.
  • Type the following command into Terminal after it is opened: defaults write IncognitoModeAvailability -integer 1 IncognitoModeAvailability -integer 1 Inc
  • Restart your Mac after closing the Terminal software.
  • When you launch Google Chrome, you’ll notice that there’s no option for a New Incognito Window.

With one exception, repeat the methods above to re-enable Incognito Mode. Simply change the “–integer 1” value at the end of the command line to “–integer 0” when typing it in. After restarting your Mac, the Incognito Mode will reappear in Google Chrome.

How to Turn Off Incognito Mode on an Android Phone or Tablet?

Unlike a computer, Android smartphones do not allow you to disable Incognito Mode by fiddling with the settings. Fortunately, third-party mobile apps exist that render Incognito Mode worthless.

One such app is Incoquito. When you install it on an Android device, it provides you a variety of options. Of course, there is a setting that stops any Incognito Mode tabs from being opened. It may also enable the user to surf the web. It can also allow the user to surf while Incoquito records all events and activities. Notification options are also available in the app, allowing you to notify the user if their activities are logged while surfing anonymously.

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