Fix Brother Printer error code 30 only here just applying the steps that are properly and descriptively mentioned in this blog. Once you check out the blog, you would get to know how dangerous this printer error code on Brother Printer is for you and your work.

You might know or could have an idea that Printer not activated error code 30 is surely a generic error. It is kind of obvious to think and find out the ways to resolve the issue, but do you think it would be that easy and simple? Maybe No!

This nagging issue might ruin your mood and day so basically going through this blog will surely help and guide you to resolve all the issues you have been facing on your precious Brother Printer for a while.

We can only fix this error, if we do have an idea behind the main causes that escalates or triggers the emergence of Brother Printer error code 30.

Few of the reasons are simply stated here:

v  Print head carriage error which might have failed to return to its initial or home position

v  The springs like both of them which is usually located both of the sides must be out place

v  Covering of the cartridges may be removed or not locked in a specific position

We are more than eager to know the course of action to be taken to eliminate this Brother Error code 30 printer.

Sol 1 :

Open the cover of the scanner, take help of plastic tabs. You can find the plastic tabs on the left and right side of the machine. We can then shift the print head and then bring it to the middle. Keep a complete check as there should be no piece of paper or any other stationary. Then clear and then close the cover, try to print a sample document again from your printer. If unable to fix Brother Printer Error code 30 even after the steps, then surely you should take help from the solution 2.

Sol 2 :

Troubleshoot Brother code error 30, just applying the steps. One can check it out here only. Hold the scanner cover by using the plastic tabs located both on the right and left side into an open position. Be careful, and then slide the print head again, towards the right side just under the cover and be sure that there is a clean encoder strip from within. Take help from line free cloth, get the encoder strip strongly on both of the sides, try to scrub it down not less than thrice one and another end. Then, you can try to print a sample document now, check out the status of the error and if not resolved, move to the next solution that 3.

Sol 3 :

In the third set, one must check out the position of the encoder strip, it must be in the correct place, once done, then open the printer again and insert the strip. Then, restart your printer and again try printing a sample document to check whether Brother Error 30 is fixed or not.

Sol 4 :

Removing the Brother Printer software is important to fix Error code 30 on Brother Printer. Software could be another reason, as it might intervene with your device. You must remove it and then install it again.

Sol 5 :

Check whether it is updated, be sure that it is not updated. Outdated Drivers will surely stop you from printing documents and then update the drivers and so you can error code 30 Brother Printer issue.

Sol 6 :

Make sure Brother Printer is fixed manually. Your applications might automatically try to use the print to PDF feature which could create chaos.

Sol 7 :

Brother Printer error code 30, must be inactivated and then one should be reinstalled. You should make a few changes in your registry additionally.

Sol 8 :

Brother Printer is not activated due to security permissions. One can modify your security permissions, you can fix this problem.

Sol 9:

Installing the latest updates would be helpful in resolving the issues. Windows 10 usually automatically installs the missing updates, but you can check for updates. It could be downloaded and automatically downloaded in the background. It will help you to fix Brother Printer error code 30.

Follow and apply a few important instructions and so you will be able to find out the ways to Brother Printer error code 30. Once followed and then one can fix it entirely.