Frequent errors are not healthy for any system, especially a printer. Waking up to a faulty printer with errors popping up can put all your day’s printing needs to halt. Canon printers have been booming in the market for its user-friendly printing services.

But there can be days, when it too might get out of place and start to malfunction. Some of the most commonly occurring printing error codes include canon printer error code b200 which often indicates a faulty print head. If the print head goes wrong then there are high chances that all your printing needs can be put to halt. There are some other canon printer error codes that plague the printer and frustrate the user.

What is a canon printer error code?

Canon printer error codes can occur uninvited to the printer and make the printer of no use. Although every time a canon printer error message is displayed on the screen, any prior symptoms can barely be detected. Canon printer error can occur because of many reasons  which include :-

  •       Unjammed paper jam.
  •       Or a default print head or it can cause any possible virus attack in your system.

However, there is nothing to worry as the erroneous printer can be fixed with some easy going solutions. That is you would be glad to know that the canon printer error codes can be fixed instantly.

In this article, you will get to know more about the error codes printer canon and how to fix them in order to meet your daily printing needs.



  •       The most important cause that has to be blamed for this is a default print head that is the main heart and soul of the printer.
  •       Second it can be a malware or a default print driver that has to be blamed.


  •       When the canon printer error code b200 rolls in then updating the printer driver might help to fix it. Either a manual or an automated update is usually suggested when this error occurs.
  •       As the most immediate cause of canon printer error code b200 is a clogged print head, then cleaning it regularly with a rubbing alcohol can help fix the problem in a jiffy.
  •       Cleaning the ink cartridges also can help.


There are several reasons for Error 5100 to appear, including a paper jam, an improperly seated ink tank, and more. The encoder film/strip needs to be cleaned. Paper is jammed or there is an object inside the printer.


The most generic fixes to end up the canon error code 5100 from the printer are as follows which include:-

  •       Resetting of the ink cartridge. As the most immediate cause of the canon error code 5100 has been a faulty ink cartridge.Therefore an easy resetting of the ink cartridge can fix the problem.
  •       • Canon printers that have been in use for an extended period of time may have issues that need a reset in order to fix the mistake. After a lot of printing, it may be necessary. In order for the printer to function correctly, it must be reset every few days. After pressing and holding the stop button for five seconds, let go of it. You may try printing again.
  •       Remove Stuck Paper from the Printer. Paper jamming is the most prevalent cause of error code 5100, and it’s the only one. Since Canon Printer Error code 5100 appears on your computer screen when printing anything, you should know that paper becomes caught in the printer. Simply remove the printer’s rear panel and check to see whether any paper is jammed; if it is, remove all of the jammed paper and restart the printer.
  •       A white plastic strip sits above the printer’s drive belt and is the easiest part of the printer to clean. It’s a critical component in printing because it’s clear.


There is no one error code that disables a normal printer from functioning. Rather there are many in the list. Canon printer error code 5012 is one such error.


  •       There are many causes that have to be blamed for canon printer error code 5012 like a faulty printer driver or even a problem with the ink cartridge or it can be a possible malware or virus attack that has plagued the printer.

However so far as canon printer troubleshooting error is concerned it is more or less same for all printing errors. Thus it is always advisable to go for a regular updating of the printer driver along with checking for any possible virus or malware attack through the installation of antivirus software in the system. A filthy ink cartridge and printhead can pave way to some potent canon printers error code making the printer unresponsive. Again, at times a simple restart can bring the printer back in place without much hassle. However the treatment to variety of error codes is different even though the base component remains to be the same

Although the Canon printer stands out to be the one stop solution to all the printing needs, it can sometimes fail to meet the expectations of the Canon printer users, lending them trouble. Errors to canon printers cannot be escape.But; certain prior measures can keep such errors yards away from your printer.

If you have been confronted with any one of the canon printer error codes, then get it fixed at the earliest without much delay. If a common question has been wrapping around your head as to “can I fix canon printer error code manually, then you would be glad to know that manual fix mostly keeps the canon printer at once.