Facebook is the perfect suit when it comes to business, recreation and connecting to the world in a jiffy. It has been standing out from other social media platforms on the basis of its app reliability and easy accessibility. It has never compromised with the two. But sometimes it fails to fall in place. One such frequent malfunction includes the “facebook home page won’t load. This can be a stumbling block on the way of facebook users .This is when most users ask “how can I fix facebook not loading page ” as it puts a halt to all facebook needs for a couple of minutes or even for a hour or even more than that.

If you are a facebook user and have confronted the issue of facebook page won’t load anymore

Then this article is the perfect suit for you!


In a layman words, facebook connects one man to the rest of the world in a jiff. Thus, the name goes facebook. You can reunite with old friends, find a new friend online, and start your own business and many more. Facebook home page is nothing but the landing page when you open to facebook. It contains the posts from your frteinds, groups that you are in and stories from your friends and a lot more. This is the page you see when you click on facebook app icon. This page often does not get loaded due to which you get frustrated even at your free time. Most users cannot figure out as to what might have caused such a thing to happen when everything else goes fine.


The causes to facebook page won’t load anymore can be generic and can cause to users at any time of the day across the globe.However, it is not impossible to put an end to the issue. Unless and until the cause has not been diagnosed adequately, no apt measures or remedies can be put to practice.

  • The 1st cause that has to be blamed for facebook not working is a poor or unstable internet connection. Often a sluggish internet connection makes facebook go wrong and users frequently have to confront a slow facebook.
  • Inadequate memory can also be the culprit. Caches, which are nothing temporary files that are used by an app to cater to the quick request of the users. This gets accumulated in the device memory making it unresponsive.
  • An outdated application can come in conflict with the normal functioning of the app. A user may miss out on app update that can make the app lag behind.
  • An outdated web browser can be one of the most viable causes of facebook page not loading. It is the outdated browser that has not yet undergone an update has to be blamed for facebook running slow.
  • The last but not the least can be any virus or malicious programs that have made its way to your device making the device malfunction along with its apps.


Although facebook home page not loading can be one of the stubborn facebook malfunctions, it can be put back in gear with these quick fixes in a jiffy. These fixes can be put to practice in case of “how to fix facebook page not loading in iphone? As facebook irrespective of any specific interfaces, solutions to facebook won’t load anymore does not vary.

  •     The first fix in the line is to upgrade to a more stable internet connection most preferably to a wifi connection if not connected to one. If you do not have access o the latter then wait until your mobile data connection gets better, there is no alternative.
  •     The second fix concerns with clearing of the caches from the device’s memory that has been doing no good to facebook or to the computer as a whole. But not all users know how to wipe off caches from the computer’s memory. Follow these steps if you are one of them.
  • Open to the setting app on your phone
  • Scroll down and navigate to the apps
  • Tap on the Manage apps button and click to facebook from there in.
  • Choose storage from there in and then click clear caches.
  •     Make sure that you go for an update for your facebook application if it is an outdated application that has to be blamed in this context. In order to update the facebook application goes to the app play store and click to facebook from there in. Update and you are good to go!
  •     Again, if none of the above three process work and there is no improvement in the status of the facebook page then delete and re-install the facebook app. Go for this only when you have retained your username and password or else will have to go through a password recovery option.

  •     You need it keep your browser updated regularly. In order to get your browser an update, go to the play store and sin the search bar search for the web browser and then update. Updating can not only make your system immune to malfunctions but can also adapt to the needs of the changing times.
  •     There is no limit to the fixes that can actually keep facebook home page not loading out of the way. It can be the case that app permissions have been misconfigured for which the facebook is lagging or has become unresponsive.
  •     The last fix in the line to go for a thorough virus or malware check on the device to keep any malicious programs out of the face book’s way.

If none of the above steps work for facebook not working, then get in touch with the facebook help centre to put an end to the issue of facebook home page not loading.However, despite these malfunctions there is nothing that could add to the unpopularity of facebook. However, that does not guarantee the risk of cyber attacks anyday.