Google Voice is a prominent VoIP (Voice over IP) service. It’s free unless you want to transfer your actual cell phone number. The service is free if you register for a Google phone number and forward any calls or messages to your own mobile phone. However, Google Voice does not always function as easy as it sounds to be. Google voice not working is not wrong to expect

.It’s quite a possibility that Google voice notifications not working. You may not receive new call alerts, or you may not be able to access your account at all. There might be various reasons which can be blamed for Google voice malfunctions.

Irrespective of phone brands Google voice malfunction is not uncommon in android and iphone.

Android users are extensively spread around the world. Google voice malfunctions manifested in the form of Google voice notification not working on Android. These quick fixes can help do away with such malfunctions.

  • First, make sure you’re logged into the right Google account. This is the account you used to set up Google Voice. Select your profile image from the Google search home page and ensure you’re signed into that Google account.
  • Examine Your Internet Service. Obviously; you can’t use Google Voice if you can’t access the internet. Your browser may indicate that you are not connected to the internet. Or you may encounter a connection issue leading to Google voice notification not working. If you’ve confirmed a good internet connection or rectified a bad connection but Google Voice still doesn’t function, you’re ready to continue on to the following stages.
  • Update the Google Voice. You don’t need to bother about Google Voice if you use the browser. However, you should use the latest version of Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. Almost every browser has a way to check and upgrade the browser version. You can usually update your browser by visiting this link. If you use Google Voice on android, check to see if it is updated to the latest version.
  • Check Your Google Voice Setup. Incoming calls to this number will be routed to your Smartphone using Google Voice. A couple things can go wrong if you do this once and then forget about it. You bought a new phone and installed Google Voice without changing the number. If you didn’t update Google Voice after changing your phone number, you are sure to encounter some malfunctions.
  • Verify your Google Voice registered phone number and verify the device you registered is the one you own.
  • Set Do Not Disturb Mode: Even if you have Google Voice set up to route calls to your phone or web browser, you may not receive calls. A few factors can cause this. Those are Do Not Disturb and Call Answering. Select do not disturb from the Google Voice settings menu. Make sure they Do not disturb the toggle.
  •  Some customers complain that Google Voice not working after they failed to open and utilize it for a long period. To begin, go back into your Google Voice account and examine your recent messages. This action may reactivate your account and address your Google voice notification not working.

Not surprisingly, Safari, rather than Google, is set as the default browser for the iphone. In order to avoid this, any Google service in the iphone is certain to be tumultuous. Whenever you get a new text message, missed call, or voicemail via the Google Voice app, you’ll automatically be alerted. The following options must be enabled in order to use Google Voice Notification:

  • Open the Settings app on your iphone or iPad to begin.
  • Select Voice from the Notifications menu.
  • The notification settings you want to adjust can be turned on or off.

However, Google voice notifications not working on iphone is not uncommon among iphone users.Nevertheless; google voice notification not working on iphone can be fixed back into gear with these quick fixes as for android phones.

This is one of Google’s most noticeable and beneficial gifts. The Google voice function was created to keep pace with today’s demands and allows users to send and receive free texts and phone calls from a single number.

If you are a Google user and have been using many phone numbers for personal, business, and other purposes, you may want to consider deleting them.

For certain people, Google voice might be the ideal assistant.

It saves time and effort by allowing you to make many calls at once. Unfortunately, “Google voice not working” has been reported by many Google voice users (both android and i-phone).However, Google has a solution to fix it as well in a jiffy with the troubleshooting guide mentioned above.