Providing high class computing and printing needs is affordable for the average user. HP Printer are there with us since 1984 and have lasted long without any disappointment.

But at the end of the day it is also a machine, which could show some error like HP Printer offline error but there’s nothing to worry, as these errors do not indicate any broken machine or component. These errors are merely due to communication or connectivity errors with the device (computer) sending print instructions.

In case of a HP printer offline error it is advised to pause any print jobs until you have resolved the issue. Do not send any print request until you go through the troubleshooting guide. Some of the reasons for such errors might include an outdated driver or connection types. The reason may also include wrong settings which may cause HP Printer offline error, hampering all your work.

Below we have provided some troubleshooting techniques if you were wondering How to bring my HP Printer offline to online? Here we have provided simple techniques to fix HP printer offline

(For Windows Devices)

If you are using any windows device than you might consider the steps mentioned below in order to get your HP printer back in an online state.

Set as Default

Here we will know some ways to add your HP printer as a default one on your device.

  •     Set your printer as default
  •     Visit devices in your settings
  •     Click on devices and, click on printers and scanners
  •     Make sure that the box next to let windows manage my default printer is unchecked
  •     Choose your default printer from the provided list.
  •     If your printer is listed multiple times, select the version that shows an idle or online status.
  •     Click on manage option and select set as default

After following the steps correctly, now try printing again. You will be back online printing all your needs without any hustle.

Confirm your printer port and windows services station

  •     Click on your printer’s name from settings>Printers and scanners option
  •     Choose the printer properties option and then click on the ports tab.
  •     Select on Add Port
  •     Select Standard TCP/IP Port and click on New Port option.
  •     Use the network configuration report or you previously add a new port with a preferred hostname.
  •     Visit the Devices and Printers window once again and press F5
  •     Check your printer’s status by clicking on it.

That’s it and you are all set to use your printer once again for all your daily needs.

Checking connection

For wired printers

If you are using a wire for connecting your printer to your device. Check whether you have connected the USB firmly to both of your devices. If the issue isn’t resolved then it is advised to replace your USB with a new one and then you will be good to print once again

Wireless printer

If you have any issues concerning wireless HP Printer offline error. Follow the detailed steps mentioned below correctly in order to fix HP printer offline issue:

  •     Restart your printer while waiting foe 10 seconds before turning it off. Remove the power cord too.
  •     Turn off your computer
  •     Now connect your power cord again and turn on your printer
  •     Disconnect the power wire from your router and wait for 10 seconds
  •     Now reconnect the power wire to your router
  •     Wait for few minutes as it takes some time to restore your internet connection once again
  •     When the internet connection is back, turn on your pc.
  •     Using the HP wireless setup wizard connect your printer to wireless setup

If any issues persists than it would be solemnly due to your router or network administrator devices. So, it is advised to replace your router device in order to troubleshoot this issue

(For MAC Devices)

If you a Mac user we have also provided some troubleshooting steps involved to fix HP printer offline issue:

Remove or re-add your computer

  •     Click on apple icon and select system preferences and then click printer and scanner
  •     Click on the printer you want to remove and click on minus sign at the end
  •     Click on delete printer
  •     Now click on plus sign and select the printer from the list of printers available
  •     Click on use or print using field option
  •     Select air print option from the dropdown and click on add.

Reset your print system

In order to reset your printer system setting follow the steps mentioned below:

  •     Click on apple icon and select system preferences and then click printer and scanner
  •     Use ctrl + click or right click on your screen to access the menu, then click on reset printing system
  •     Click on reset option to confirm
  •     Type in your administrator name and password and click on ok to finish the reset.
  •     Once you have completed your reset, re-add your printer
  •     Click on the plus sign and select your printer from the list
  •     Click on add

That’s it and you have successfully solved your printer offline issue from your mac device

Install new drivers (Window and Mac)

Drivers are most important component of your printer system as they help communicating all your device signals to your printers. This is why it becomes very important to update your driver frequently. The process for new driver installation is very simple and just takes minutes to complete.

Just follow the steps below:

  •     Visit the HP support official website
  •     Click on the printers section
  •     In the new page enter your model name and click on search option
  •     Select your operating system by clicking on blue highlighted text and choose a different OS if not detected automatically.
  •     Scroll below and click plus icon on Basic drivers option
  •     Now click on download
  •     Visit the downloaded folder and double click on it to install

By following the above steps correctly you can easily get rid of any issues concerned with your HP Printer offline error.

Hope you have understood all the process required to troubleshoot HP printer when encountered with an offline error status flashing on your Windows or mac devices. We have provided you with detailed steps to dodge such errors in order to make your work experience efficient without any hustle.