The scope and popularity of social media is expanding with time. There is hardly anyone who has not been impacted by the magical spell of social media. Instagram and instagram hand in hand. Instagram has been loaded with features that have increased to its popularity over the years .From sharing photos, stories and chatting, making reels have also been added up to instagram that made the crowd go crazy. Every other day some one or the other goes viral in instagram reel. Everything goes well until instagram reels stops working. This is so because there are a decent number of people who earn their living from instagram reels.

Now the common question that comes up,

What are instagram reels?

Instagram reels are nothing short of short clips that are either made out for entertainment or for marketing one’s brand in the market and sharing it with your followers. However, it is not always that easy as it sounds to be. Instagram reel is a newbie feature in instagram.

Instagram reels not working or responding is obvious to happen to instagram users. It is your tech friend that is prone to malfunction. Thus, instagram reels not opening can be put back in gear with some quick and handy steps.


  • The most common reason for instagram not working does not operate on mobile data is an unstable internet connection, which is listed first. When compared to Wi-Fi or a router, the bandwidth speed of mobile data is much lower. As a result, it takes a hell lot of time to load a new filter or even a song while making a reel.
  • Second, it is possible that the mobile data gateway servers are in conflict with the Instagram server, causing the application to run slowly.
  • However, if Instagram accessed through a browser rather than an application, an unhealthy browser may be to blame for the instagram reels not working or responding.
  • Many times, websites may be reached via search engines if we allow cookies to be kept in our system; however, we are unaware of the impact this has on the normal functioning of the Instagram website
  • In the worst-case situation, your device may have been infiltrated by a malicious or third-party website, resulting in it malfunctioning. This means that the computer may have been compromised, resulting in Instagram ceasing to function.

Users have stated that their Instagram programme has frozen or stopped operating on a regular basis, which is the most prevalent symptom they have encountered. It was unable to view any Instagram accounts since the photographs were not loading. As a result, the vast majority of them have turned to Instagram customer care seeking assistance on how to fix instagram reels not working?


  • If your reels aren’t functioning, the most likely explanation is that your Instagram app is out of date, as previously stated. In order to determine whether or not this is the case, open the Play Store on your mobile phone and search for the Instagram application. Find the update button and click on it if it is there. Then check to see whether the problem has been repaired or not.
  • The second most conventional methods of troubleshoot instagram reels not working is a simple restart of the device. A simple restarting can put things in place.
  • If the problem persists after you have updated the app, you can consider enrolling in the app’s Beta testing programme. For your information, Instagram enables users to join in its beta testing programme, which allows them to try out new features before they are officially released. Here’s how to become involved in the Beta programme
  • Find Instagram by searching for it in the Google Play Store app on your phone.
  • Scroll down the page once you’ve opened it.
  • You will notice a Join button beneath the Join the Beta programme option, which you should click on.
  • Simply click on it.

The Instagram Beta testing programme will be activated within a few minutes, Always keep in mind that this approach may take up to 24 hours to remedy the problem

  • Re-installing the Instagram application may be a solution. The next option that you might try is to uninstall and reinstall the Instagram application. If a problem has impacted your programme and caused an issue using the Reels feature, there is a likelihood that it was caused by a bug. To determine whether or not the problem has been repaired, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the Instagram App to check whether the error of instagram not working has been resolved.
  • The fourth method to fix instagram reels not working is an attempt to clean the cache on your computer. Cache and certain temporary data are gathered over time, and this might have an impact on the speed of your application. It is advised that you delete the cache of the Instagram app in order to determine whether the Reels problem is caching-related.
  • Last but not the least it can any malicious program that has made its way to the system on a click. Such a programs might retard the normal functioning of instagram and its features.

These are some of the methods that may be utilized to resolve any potential Instagram reels concerns. The aforementioned methods to troubleshoot instagram reels not working may assist you in resolving your app-related troubles. If you encounter any further difficulties then it is wise to get in touch with the instagram customer care for help.