The Internet has become a boon in today’s world connecting billions of computers or systems. In order to be active on the internet or simply called online we need an internet connection.  Mobile hotspots help in connecting one or more devices with the internet. Apart from a router or smartphone windows 10 too provides hotspot features so you can share your internet connection to many devices.

The windows 10 hotspot feature is easy and convenient to use but sometimes you may encounter some problems like Mobile hotspot not working. There can be many causes for such frustrating errors while accessing your hotspot on Windows 10. Below we have listed down some steps by which you can fix mobile hotspot not working error whenever prompted.

But before you proceed with troubleshooting steps we advise you to keep a check on your internet connection whether it is working well.

Fix hotspot error on Windows 10.

Create a new connection

In case if you are experiencing Mobile hotspot not working on your windows 10 PC try deleting the current connected device by clicking forget device and then connect the device back to hotspot. Mostly a new connection may solve connection authentication errors.

Turn off your firewalls or antivirus

The system firewalls and antivirus software sometimes block your hotspot or hampers its connection. So make sure to close these programs and then connect your device using the hotspot.

  • Disable Bluetooth on your computer.
  • Your Bluetooth connection can obstruct your mobile hotspot when turned on simultaneously. Disabling the Bluetooth might result in a solution to such hotspot connection issues.
  • Open settings on your windows 10 desktop.
  • In the settings window, click on devices
  • Now click on Bluetooth and other devices and disable it.

That’s it. Now enable your hotspot and check If it is working again.

Check Wi-Fi adapter

In some cases you may encounter your Wi-Fi adapter on your computer doesn’t support windows mobile hotspot feature. Here we will provide some ways by which you can check your adapter features or hotspot connectivity.

  • Type in Windows key + S key to open search on your computer.
  • Type in CMD into the search box and lick on enter
  • Right click on the command prompt app icon and select run as administrator.
  • Click yes on the popup box
  • In the command prompt window type NETSH WLAN show drivers
  • Check for hosted network support and say yes or no.

If the answer is no then it is clear that your PC doesn’t support mobile hotspot features. If it says yes then you need to update your system to the latest drive.

Update your drivers

You can download free updates and drivers from your windows update and security settings on your computer in order to fix mobile hotspot not working issues. Just follow the below steps

  • Open the settings on your windows 10 by pressing windows + X keys.
  • Click on update ad security option
  • Now click on windows update, then check for updates option
  • Click on view optional update, if available
  • Then click on the driver update tab.
  • Now select the driver you want to update and then on download option.

Now you have an updated windows driver with mobile hotspot connection. Turn on your hotspot and enjoy the internet anywhere.

Troubleshoot network adapter

Window troubleshoot is a built-in tool designed for fixing your device issues. You can use this tool to troubleshoot your network adapters and get your hotspot back to working.

  • Type in Windows + S on your keyboard
  • Now type in Troubleshoot and select troubleshoot settings from the result.
  • Once the page shows up visit additional troubleshoot option
  • Under find and fix select network adapters.
  • Now click on run the trouble-shooter option.
  • Upon completing you will be asked about, what network adapters do you want to diagnose. Click on all network adapters and select next.
  • Follow the on screen instruction.

If the trouble-shooter finds any error then it would automatically fix those errors providing you with an updated and diagnosed network connectivity for seamless hotspot connectivity.

Perform a boot.

If none of the above steps resulted in fixing Windows 10 mobile hotspot not working then it would be time to perform a clean boot as your start up apps can obstruct mobile hotspot connectivity. Here we have displayed some ways to clean boot your device in order to fix mobile hotspot not working issues on Windows 10.

  • Type in Windows + R to open the run window.
  • Type in msconfig and click on ok.
  • Click on the service tab and select hide all Microsoft service boxes.
  • Now click on disable all option
  • Visit the start-up tab and click open task manager
  • Within the start-up task manager, select each running program and click on the disable option.
  • Ensure to disable all running programs on your PC.
  • Close the task manager in order to return towards the system configuration window and click on ok.
  • Now reboot your PC.

A clean reboot can end software related glitches which can be a root cause for all your mobile hotspot issues. These conflict programs run on background obstructing your hotspot whenever you start your Windows 10 PC.

So, Hope we have provided ample solutions depending upon the cause on the topic named how to fix mobile hotspot not working on your Windows 10 Computer? All the steps provided above are easy to understand and perform if you ever encounter a Mobile hotspot not working issue.