It goes without saying that QuickBooks has been a blessing in disguise for small and medium sized business, it would be wrong to take QuickBooks as not prone to any error. Even though it comes unfolded with lots of benefits QuickBooks not working is persists.

During the process of installing or removing the programme, QuickBooks error code 1328 rolls in! The causes to be blamed for this error are generic

  •     Repairing or updating QuickBooks to the current maintenance version may also result in this issue.
  •     Any corrupted files in the system may plague QuickBooks resulting in Error 1328 QuickBooks.

If you are experiencing a problem, this blog article explains the probable reasons of it, as well as how to fix it.

What Does Error 1328 QuickBooks imply?

In the case of QuickBooks, error number 1328 is a typical problem that occurs during the installation or update of the software and results in QuickBooks not responding. The problem notice is shown on the screen, along with a variety of options. You may find the cause of QuickBooks error message 1328 by looking at some probable ones that have been reported by at least one out of every two QuickBooks users.

  •     QuickBooks error 1328 may be caused by malicious malware assaults on your company’s financial records. Malware software does not remain in compatibility to QuickBooks culminating to QuickBooks not working.
  •     The error code might also be triggered by a defective system setup while handling your business’s accounting.
  •     The vulnerability of the previously stated technical fault might be exposed if a corrupt software file is used during the installation procedure.
  •     One of the many causes is an incorrect installation procedure. Again an interruption in the network might prevent the download or installation, resulting in the occurrence of the QuickBooks error code 1328.

When QuickBooks Desktop’s error 1328 occurs, it provides you a few symptoms that are too generic in nature

  •     Updates to your QuickBooks programme may not be possible.
  •     You may be unable to complete the repair procedure of the programme because of a technical issue.
  •     When a problem occurs, an error message is shown bringing all your computing needs on QuickBooks to a significant halt.
  •     Windows may take a long time to respond or often crash. When this error takes place it is not QuickBooks that is solely plagued but the computer system also malfunctions and becomes slacken.
  •     The QuickBooks programme has a slow reaction time or crashes from time to time when attacked by this error.
  •     Installing and uninstalling QuickBooks may be a hassle.

Often users diagnose this error but are unable to find a solution on “how to fix QuickBooks error code 1328?

QuickBooks error code 1328 must be resolved right away if you want to avoid more problems with your accounting software.

  •     In order to fix the problem, locate and rename the config.msi folder on your computer. The temporary files in Config.msi might cause problems for QuickBooks.
  •     On your C: Drive, look for the config.msi file.
  •     A drop-down menu will show when you double-click on the file.
  •     From the menu, choose Rename.
  •     Delete the old suffix from the end of the file’s name.
  •     To save the changes, type Enter and press the Enter key.
  •     Repair the QuickBooks Installation that was corrupted in some way. As an administrator on Windows, you’ll need to access the Control Panel’s Features section. Uninstalling QuickBooks requires selecting the Uninstall/Change option from inside the QuickBooks program’s settings menu (see below). Attempt to update the programme once the repair is complete. Attempt the following troubleshooting step if QuickBooks error code 1328 is still present.
  •     Fix Errors Using a Registry Repair Tool. In the event that the Windows registry is to blame for the installation error 1328, the Registry Repair Tool may assist. It will fix registry errors that are causing the problem.
  •     In addition to executing the programme, you should also clean up any malware that has infected your computer. After you’ve cleaned up your computer, remove any outdated PC Device Drivers. Windows System File Checker and all necessary Windows updates should be performed. Once you’ve followed these procedures, you may see whether the error 1328 QuickBooks has been rectified or not.
  •     The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool may be used to diagnose and fix installation issues. Installing QuickBooks Tool Hub is required before using the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool which can be accessed in the following manner:-
  •     First, close QuickBooks.
  •     Make sure you have the most current version of QuickBooks Tool Hub installed.
  •     Access your downloads and run the exe file you just downloaded.
  •     Follow the on-screen directions to begin installing the tool hub.
  •     Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to check the “I agree” box.
  •     The QuickBooks Tool Hub icon will show on the desktop after the installation is complete.
  •     Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool. Do this by double-clicking the QuickBooks icon.
  •     Click on Installation Issues in the toolbox.
  •     To run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostics tool, click here.
  •     Let the tool do its job and solve the problems with the installation. The whole thing should only take atleast 20 whole minutes.

Even after the QuickBooks diagnostics tool fails to wipe out the problem, basic reset and restart would help to do way with such errors.After the repair is complete, restart your computer to keep any QuickBooks errors out of the place.

  •     Use the Clean Install method to reinstall QuickBooks. Uninstalling and reinstalling QuickBooks is the first step in this process. There are two methods to do a clean install
  •     Directly install the programme from the CD.
  •     Use a downloaded file to complete the installation process.

This trouble shooting guide worked out for many QuickBooks users who have been struggling with the solution on “How to fix QuickBooks error 1328?” in a blink of an eye.