Upgrading from one version of Windows to another is usually a piece of cake until installation error occurs bringing Windows installation to halt.

Windows users have frequently reported the issue of Windows 10 not installing at one occasion and “Windows 11 not installing” on the other. This installation failure has been reported by many after they are done with the whole process and have to start again from scratch.

The symptoms of Windows installation error are generic and can plague almost any version of Windows. The most frequently occurring include:-

  • Windows 10 not installing or it can be Windows 11 not installing for some. Whatever may be such an error can be caused by lack of storage space.
  • Or it can connect hardware devices to the PC.
  • Again any prior antivirus programs may bring installation to a halt as it prevents any updates on the computer.
  • Such errors can be mostly caused by very basic reasons that often remain unidentified. Slow internet connection can be one such.

However, fixes to this installation error are easy going and do not need any expert hand. Windows 10 not installing has the following solution:-

  • Get rid of any language packs that may have been installed: Using the Windows key + I, select Time & Language from the drop-down menu. Select all of your non-English languages in the right pane, and then click Remove. Make sure the problem is handled by eliminating all of them.
  • Remove all peripheral devices from their sockets and shut them off: In many cases, the computer’s inability to respond to any command is due to the parts themselves being difficult to work with. Unplugging any non-essential accessories can often resolve installation issues. Additionally, this covers gadgets such as a printer or a gamepad. Start the update once they’ve been disconnected.

Reconnect your devices if the scan was successful.

  • Remove or uninstall any third-party antivirus software: prevents the installation of compatible apps in order to check for installation updates. It’s one of the possible treatments for “Windows 10 not installing and Windows 11 not installing.
  • Reboot your computer system: While your computer is booting, hit the boot menu key again and again. While the PC is booting, the motherboard manufacturer’s unique key is presented. Select the USB flash drive from the drop-down menu.

To finish the procedure, simply follow the prompts on the screen.

However, Windows 11 being a newbie has a different installation error fixes Verify that the TPM is turned on.

  • To go into the BIOS, restart your computer and keep pressing F2.
  • Navigate to the Security section in the BIOS after you’ve entered the BIOS.
  • Enable the TPM PTT option if you find it.
  • Go for rebooting your system.
  • Reinstall the software and save your modifications.

Windows 10 not installing is although more a problem then Windows 11 not working. However, it is wise to get you updated with the fixes.