The freezing problem in Windows 11 always occurs at an inconvenient time, leaving you annoyed. What should you do if Windows 11 freezes on you at random or freezes on you when it first starts up or after an update? Don’t be concerned; you can find some effective solutions online.

You might encounter some system issues after upgrading to this operating system, and one of the most common is that Windows 11 keep freezing during startup. Windows 11 users have reported the issue of Windows 11 freezes quite frequently that has put their work to halt.

A variety of factors might contribute to Windows 11 freeze or crash which are generic in nature

  •     Inadequate RAM
  •     Corrupted or corrupt system files,
  •     An incompatible GPU driver
  •     An unsustainable resolution

Thus, these issues have landed the users up with a common question “How to fix Windows 11 freezes?”

As the causes to Windows 11 freezes/crashes are generic the remedy to it is also generic. Below are some quick yet common remedies that can be resorted to when Windows 11 keeps crashing.

  •     Often a simple restart can resolve the issue of Windows 11 keeps freezing. Windows 11 is a newbie in the race and is expected to malfunction like all other fellow windows versions on your system. It is common for a windows 11 user. Hence a simple restart might help.
  •     If it turns out that an improbable cause of random Windows 11 freeze is the use of an incorrect screen resolution. It is possible for Windows 11 freeze after an update if you are using a low-end graphics card but performing resource-intensive tasks. As previously stated, this is due to the fact that the display resolution available on Windows 11 is different from that of the previous Windows versions. For example, you may see the highest possible resolution that the display is capable of supporting. You can go for a change in the Resolution for your GPU to function adequately in the display option in settings.
  •     Graphics card drivers that are out of current might cause the freezing problem. If you upgrade to Windows 11 from an older Windows version while still using the older GPU drivers, you may experience Windows 11 stalling following the update. Go for a graphic card driver’s update to keep Windows 11 freezes.
  •     Most of the time, when you notice that your programmes are running slowly and becoming unresponsive, this is due to a lack of available memory. If you only have 4GB of RAM available and you are performing resource-intensive operations like as playing games, video editing, rendering, and so on, it is possible that Windows 11 can stall and even display a BSOD (black screen of death).It is possible to resolve the freezing issue on the Windows 11 screen by increasing virtual memory. This will increase the space allotted for RAM overflow, which will help to resolve the issue.
  •     A few temporary files are typically left behind by a programme when it is deleted or uninstalled from our system, which is normal. These temporary files accumulate and might have a negative impact on the overall performance of your system. Therefore, you must erase temporary files after removing any application or software from your computer’s hard drive. These temporary files have a tendency to clutter up your hard drive’s storage capacity. In addition to the temporary files left over after installing a new version of Windows, Windows 11 also creates upgrade logs, error reporting, temporary Windows installation files, and other sorts of temporary files as needed.
  •     If none of the options listed above work for you, it is possible that there is an issue with the overall operating system that has been installed on your computer. In such circumstances, resetting Windows 11 is the only option available to assist in the resolution of the problem of Windows 11 crashes

This post was directed to guide a Windows 11 user through the process of resolving the Windows 11 keeps freezing issue. The majority of the time, issues that cause your PC to stop at random are caused by issues with the installation file or with the hardware itself.

Because of this, performing an extensive scan of the system may be beneficial in addressing the Windows 11 keeps freezing problem. All of the solutions listed above are organized in descending order of severity of the problem. As a result, it is critical that you apply these changes in

A sequential manner rather than jumping immediately to the last repair. Now you know “how to fix Windows 11 freeing?” in a jiffy with the aforementioned steps.