Yahoo is one of the largest webmail service providers launched in 1997 by an American company and since then serves an active user base of 225 million. But in spite of being one of the largest companies it may fall short to some errors which is quite common in today’s tech-oriented world.

The Error code 475 Yahoo mail is a common error merely for the security of your own email. This error generally occurs when Yahoo bots sees a suspicious activity operating through your account which violates its user agreement policy. In an expectancy of such violations Yahoo server may block the working of your account for a few hours or days. This error is also encountered in case your account details are compromised and may not fall short to any malpractice by a hacker.

Apart from a compromised account there are many instances where Yahoo mail error code 475 may pop up on your browser while sending an email. The activities include

  • If your email includes any duplicate, misleading information files or links.  Yahoo has full rights to suspend your account as these malpractices come under Yahoo suspicious activity.
  • If you have sent too many emails in a short period of time the Yahoo bots will consider such an act under Yahoo unusual activity resulting in temporary blockage to your account.
  • If you have too much Yahoo mail stuck in outbox this may also lead to such an error.
  • Unsecure network access also results in code 475 Yahoo error

Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Error code 475

The causes of Yahoo error code 475: suspicious activity was detected can be many so we have provided some troubleshooting techniques by which one can overcome this error by checking on different conditions mentioned below:

Clear your outbox folder

If your Yahoo doesn’t allow you to send email and constantly shows up error code 475 suspicious activity was detected on your account. The Yahoo mail filters might consider it as a spam email and it is due to this Yahoo may stop sending them which results in collecting all the emails at your outbox.

To troubleshoot such issue

  • Visit your Yahoo mail account and login using your credentials either on mobile or desktop.
  • Click on the outbox folder provided on your left menu options
  • Select all the emails present in your outbox and click on delete

Change Yahoo password and secure the account

As a software feature if someone else tries to log in into your account from a different country or region Yahoo may consider such acts under Yahoo mail suspicious activity and thus resulting in a temporary block and the error code 475 shows up.

In such a case you should immediately try to reset your Yahoo mail to secure it from an anonymous person or in most cases a hacker.

Follow the steps below to reset your account password easily

  • Open your Yahoo account on your phone or computer
  • Select profile picture and then click on account info
  • Click on the account security tab in the left menu
  • Then click on change password option
  • Next step you will be asked to verify robot captcha
  • Enter a new Yahoo mail password ( always keep in mind to have a strong password consisting of alphanumeric digits and special characters)
  • Click on the continue button
  • Enter your new password again and select the confirm or reset password button.

Once your Yahoo mail password is changed try to log in using the new password and you will be able to send emails back again with the same ease.

Check email body

Whenever you try to send any message or email using your Yahoo mail and notice that your mails get stuck into the outbox folder. Then it is important to check your content in the email body.

It is most probable that you send an email consisting of any link or attachment. Which has been spammed by Yahoo the Yahoo spam filters that is the reason why Yahoo mail won’t send such emails showing Yahoo suspicious activity was detected on your account.

In this case it is advised to remove the attached file or link from your mail body and then send it again. It should be working fine after such changes.

Turn off your proxy & VPN service

If you are using a proxy or VPN server for sending emails from your Yahoo account this may result in Yahoo mail error code 475 obstructing you to send any emails any further. This happens because Yahoo doesn’t consider proxy networks as a secure entity.

To counter such errors, you have to disable the proxy program on your device and reload the mailbox.

Email limit reached

Yahoo officially allows an account to send 500 emails every day to not more than 100 recipients. If you try to send more emails than the prescribed limit or the same emails to multiple users. Yahoo mail would consider actions under Yahoo suspicious activity rules and thus resulting in an error code 475.

If none of the above causes are the reason for your Yahoo mail account suspension then it is advised to wait for next 24 to 48 hours as Yahoo has temporarily blocked your account upon suspicion. During this time, do not attempt to log into your suspended account multiple times otherwise Yahoo bot may permanently block your account.

So above were some steps by which you can fix your Yahoo mail error code 475 problem. It is nothing to worry as such errors are quite common and can be easily troubleshooting.