Yahoo mail was first launched on 8th October, 1997 and till now has a base of 225 million users. It is one of the largest e mail service provider available in the market spread all across the globe. It offers four different email plans 3 for personal use and 1 used for business. In spite of being the largest e mail service provider it is not immune to minor errors or issues which may hamper your work.

Speaking of errors do you often run into errors like yahoo 554 message not allowed while sending any email? This error is often caused if you have entered any invalid email address of a recipient which does not exists. Occurrence of such errors are frustrating so we have listed down some causes for such errors and below we have also provided some ways to trouble shoot such errors depending upon your system.

Causes Behind Yahoo Mail Error code 554

The 554 delivery error is an SMTP (Simple Mail transfer Protocol) issue that pops up on the screen if you attempt to send an email to a single person or in a bulk. Below we have provided some causes for such issues so make sure you check them before sending any yahoo mail

  •     The foremost reason for such error is spamming. If you are sending bulk email to any recipient this error may occur.
  •     The secondary reason for yahoo mail rejected by the server is the time and date settings on your device. So, make sure to have correct date and time in your system
  •     If your recipient box contains any email address that is invalid, this could be a root cause for such error to occur.
  •     If your email contains any invalid or broken files than it is most likely to have an error like 554 message rejected by the server.

So, before you attempt to send any email check that if your email coincides with any of these above mentioned criteria that it is likely to get a Yahoo mail error code.

Now we will learn some ways concerning how to fix 554 delivery error in various devices.

Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Error code 554 on android

If you are an android user and encountering errors like Yahoo error message than we have provided some steps below so that you can troubleshoot your error at the earliest

  •     Open your yahoo email application
  •     Click on the email that says yahoo error message
  •     Now remove those participants whose email address are highlighted with red colour.
  •     Change the email client send as settings to use Yahoo SMTP servers
  •     Avoid or delete any embedded objects, JavaScript or HTML forms.
  •     The maximum allowed limit for single day is up to 100 emails so check weather you have exceeded that limit or not.
  •     Now try to send the email.

Check and follow the above mentioned steps correctly and you will be able to send your email without any hustle. If the problem persists than you can update or install a new app by deleting the older one.

Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Error code 554 on iPhone or iPad

Sending a yahoo email from your IPhone or iPad is very easy task but sometimes you might encounter some error like failed to perform action yahoo mail 554 error.

Below we have mentioned some steps by which you can overcome such issue.

  •     Open your yahoo app
  •     Open the mail which shows up the error
  •     Check whether the recipient email address is correct and the account exists
  •     Remove any objectionable content which infringes yahoo’s terms and service
  •     Check the timings on your I phone or I pad
  •     If the above 3 steps are complied well than click on send.

And that’s how you can get away from any errors like dd requested mail option aborted or 544 error mail not sent all these errors are caused due to same reason mentioned above. Follow the above steps correctly to troubleshoot your error.

Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Error code 554 on desktop

  •     Visit the yahoo mail website
  •     Enter your credentials and password to login
  •     Now visit the  mail which shows such errors
  •     Now check weather the recipient email address is valid and correct
  •     Remove any unwanted malicious files that violates yahoo terms and agreement policy
  •     Review the email content for any illegal or malicious file
  •     Try to change e mail client send as settings to use SMTP server
  •     If you adhere by the above mentioned steps
  •     Then click on send

Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Error code 554 on Windows 7,8 and 10

Although nowadays Microsoft sore does not provide any particular app designed for yahoo mail but still you can access yahoo mail through your browser. Just type yahoo mail in any browser with an internet connection and it will take you to the official website where you can view our e mail.

Below you will find some ways by which we can dodge the error named 554 delivery error while sending any email using yahoo mail service

  •     Visit the yahoo mail website and login to your account
  •     Visit he email that shows error
  •     Check whether the no of recipients on the email does not exceed above 100.
  •     Check the e mail address of the recipient’s weather they are valid or not.
  •     Any invalid email address should be removed as they are the foremost reason for such error.
  •     Check whether the email contained any illegal links or folder which violates yahoo service agreement.
  •     The email content should not contain any JavaScript objects or Html forms
  •     Try changing email clients send as settings to implement Yahoo SMTP servers
  •     Now try to send the email.

This is how you can fix the yahoo mail error code 554. Just follow the above steps and information carefully and you will be good to email again from your yahoo account.