You were working on Yahoo and did you suddenly run into Yahoo error messages? Or, maybe you sent an email to an invalid recipient and this error suddenly pops up? Facing this can be frustrating. It can get quite irritating when you are trying to work on an important email and an error pops up.

Why does Yahoo error 554 occur?

There are various reasons why “554-message not allowed” occurs.

  •   A bad network connection can cause this error. For this, you need to check the network issue first.
  •   This can also be caused by the presence of a spam filter which might be a hindrance.
  •   This can be caused by time issues too when the system and server are not in sync
  •   When the email is considered to be spam or included in the block system
  •   Another reason could be when the domain or host fails to have the email checked
  •   When the mailbox gets filled
  •   Another reason could be when the message is too long or big

How to fix 554 delivery errors?

There is a list of ways on how to fix 554 delivery errors.

  • Firstly, you need to change the settings
  • Then on the panel side of the program, you need to find the tools.
  • Next, you need to find the list of all the email accounts and choose an account that is facing the issue
  • Next, you need to tick-mark the option present in the box.
  •  Next, press on Change.
  • These issues are also caused by the server and that is why we must locate the outgoing server option
  • Next, you are required to press on “Require authentication” and then double-check the incoming server that needs to be the same as the outgoing one.
  • Lastly, save all the changes.
  • However, if the message is still showing undelivered then you must check if the email is correct or not. Also, you need to make sure that the provider has not made any changes to their domain.
  • If the message still shows undelivered, then you stop using the application version and start using the Website version which will possibly work well.
  • Also, when this type of error occurs a user cannot do anything individually to troubleshoot an issue. You will have to wait for the issue to subside and see if the problem ends on its own.

Check out the short and brief information that has been provided above on how to fix the 544-deliver error. Follow the steps mentioned above to fix this issue.