There are numerous solutions to resolve the Google Chrome not opening issue caused by the latest Windows 11 upgrade, and we will highlight the fixes that have proven effective for us.

Restart your computer or laptop:

First and foremost, restart your computer or laptop. Most of the time, Google Chrome stops operating because a secondary application of the process is running in the background and interfering with Chrome’s process task. If this is the case, rebooting the laptop or computer may be the best remedy.

Use the Trouble-shooter:

To be honest, the compatibility problem is a stumbling block. The current version of Windows 11 is visually appealing, however there are various technical flaws that cause performance concerns. You may quickly run the Windows 11 trouble-shooter, which will automatically discover and resolve the issue.

  •     Select Properties from the context menu when you right-click on the Google Chrome icon.
  •     Navigate to the compatibility tab and select the Run Compatibility Trouble-shooter option.
  •     A new screen will appear; simply follow the instructions to complete the troubleshooting procedure.

Delete and Log in the User profile:

Sometimes there is a sync problem that causes Google Chrome not opening. You may need to re-login to your Google Chrome account for this.

  •     In the upper right-hand corner, click on the profile symbol.
  •     From here, click the setting button to get to the “Who’s Using Chrome?” page. You may create a new Google Chrome Profile from this page.
  •     On the profile box, just click on the three dots to update or delete the profile.
  •     Uninstall the profile and restart Chrome.

Manually deleting a User Profile:

If you are unable to open Google Chrome at all, there is another way that might help you with your Google Chrome not opening difficulty. You may try manually removing the profile by navigating to the Chrome user data folder and deleting the entire folder.

  •     Open Run and enter “%Userprofile%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data”. Please do not use the double-colon when copying and pasting the pat directly into the run text box.
  •     After you’ve entered the path, click the Ok button to access the folder.
  •     You must remove the Default folder from this location.
  •     Chrome should be restarted.

Reinstall Google Chrome:

If none of these ways work, you can try the ultimate and only option, which is to remove the browser entirely. Go to the application and remove Google Chrome by turning off your computer. You may also do this by going to the start menu and selecting the uninstall option when right-clicking on the chrome icon. After installing the programme, you can quickly install a new Google Chrome and log in to your account, and all of your bookmarks and data will be synchronised.

  •     Download the Chrome .exe file from its website.
  •     Wait for the installation to finish.
  •     Once installed, you’ll be able to see the Chrome browser.

Chrome should be run as Administrator:

Running the app as an administrator is another easy method that generally resolves any minor software errors, including Chrome not responding on Windows 10/11. Right-click on the application’s icon on your desktop. Then, on the pop-up box, select Run as administrator and click Yes.

Change the date and time:

Because of the instability of the operating system, the date and time on your computer may need to be reset after the Windows 11 upgrade. In some circumstances, inaccurate time and date are impacting how your installed programmes operate, which may result in Chrome not working on your machine. To change the date on your Windows PC, perform the following steps:

Hover your mouse over the time and date on your taskbar and right-click. Select the option to Change the date/time.

  •     Toggle the switch next to the Set time automatically option off in the new window
  •     Then, under the Change data and time option, click the Change button.
  •     Enter the date and time, then click.

Chrome should be run in Safe Mode:

Your browser’s extensions and add-ons might be causing the Chrome not opening on Windows 11/10 problem. Fortunately, you may simply avoid this problem by operating Chrome in safe mode, which is deactivated by default. To launch Google Chrome in safe mode, perform the following steps:

  •     Within Chrome, click the three-dots symbol, then New Incognito Window. You will not be utilising any of your add-ons that cause the crashes if you open your browser in this manner. This mode may also be accessed by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N.
  •     Then, again, select the three-dots symbol and navigate to More tools > Extensions.
  •     On the next screen, you’ll get a list of all the browser extensions you’ve installed. Toggle the switch to disable the defective ones

Chrome should be cleaned:

The Chrome Cleanup Tool is a fantastic function that helps you to repair your browser not opening issue in a matter of seconds. This built-in utility cleans your browser, removing all flaws. To utilise the Cleanup Tool, simply follow these steps:

  •     Go to Settings > Advanced > Reset and cleanup after clicking the three-dots symbol at the top of your browser.
  •     Then, select the option Clean up your computer.
  •     This will take you to a new screen where you must click the Find button, followed by Check for hazardous software.
  •       When Chrome has finished analysing your computer, it will notify you of any files that are interfering with the browser’s performance. At this point, you have the option of removing these files and disabling the dangerous extensions.

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