Facebook is a manifestation of the fact that technology can connect people across the globe in a jiffy. It has been evolving as one such social media platform that not only connects people but is also a digital shop front for small business online. Familiar with facebook business? Yes, facebook business is simply a business on facebook. Creating a business page in facebook is a cakewalk which comes with a slew of benefits. One out of every two individuals has decided to take their facebook business off to a flying start. What are you waiting for?

But if you are unaware of the Facebook Business Manager and the ways to set up Facebook business manager.

This article is a perfect suit for you!

Facebook Business Manager: an overview

Facebook Business Manager in simple words is a facebook tool that manages and keeps in tune all your facebook business activities. If it is business, quite obviously there would be room for advertisements and marketing.

  • Set up facebook Business manager to get assistance in maintaining your business activity in facebook.
  • This lets you separate your business operations from your personal profile, so you never have to worry about publishing in the wrong place.
  • Using this tool you can grant access to your pages and advertisements to vendors, partners, and agencies while maintaining ownership of the assets.
  • Manages several Facebook pages and ad accounts concurrently, all from the same interface and with a single business account.

Ways To Set Up Facebook Business Manager?

The ways to set up facebook business manager is as smooth as a pancake.Before heading towards setting up a Facebook business manager; it is required to have a facebook account or personal details verification that is kept secure. Certain steps needs to be followed:-

  • The first step in order to set up a facebook business manager is to open to Facebook Business Manager in https://business.facebook.com/
  • A big blue button appears just to the right side of the screen. Click on it to get started.
  • Click next after entering your business name, your name, and the business email address you’d like to use to manage your Facebook Business Manager account.
  • Enter your business’s contact information, including its address, phone number, and website. Additionally, you must indicate whether this Business Manager account will be used to market your own business or to give services to other businesses (like an agency). Once complete, click Submit.
  • You have a few options at this phase. You can either add an existing Facebook business page or create one from scratch. You can also request access to another person’s Facebook page if you administer Facebook pages for clients or other businesses. However, the former is preferred and more likely. Create or add a page for your business in the business manager.
  • Keep in mind that after you’ve added your ad account to Facebook Business Manager, you cannot remove it, which is why it’s critical to only upload accounts that you own.
  • Managing your Facebook business marketing can be a huge undertaking, and you may not want to handle it alone. Facebook Business Manager enables you to add team members, allowing you to manage your Facebook
  • Facebook business page and ad campaigns with a large team in a secured way.
  • Set up Facebook Pixels to wrap up the entire procedure. It is nothing but a tool to optimize your page for target audience
  • A security check is a must before you begin with Facebook Business Manager.

You’re ready to start when all the requirements have been met adequately and Facebook Business Manager will keep everything in one location. Now you know how to set up Facebook business manager with these quick and easy steps.


It is an important component of the Facebook Business Manager Security check. But a common question wraps around the head of many users as “how to set up business verification on Facebook business?”

Below is a detailed answer that might suit you.

Before starting off with the set up of business verification, it is imperative to know that a facebook business becomes eligible for business verification only if that business intends to use any facebook developed features. However to begin with the steps of business verification:-

  • The Security Center in the Facebook Business Manager is the role player here. In the Security Center click on VERIFICATION.
  • When you’re finished, click next to continue. Depending upon the audience reach, the business details is made either public or is kept private.
  • A list will then surface. Choose the business name from therein. If it is not in the list type one. Pause and take a moment to double-check your business information.
  • You have the option of receiving a verification code through text, phone, or email at the company phone number. You have the option of requesting another code if you do not receive the first one you requested.
  • Next if the domain verification process hasn’t been completed, get it done thoroughly.
  • Click Continue when you return to the Security Center.
  • When you’ve entered your code, click the “Submit” button (not applicable if you use domain verification).
  • When you’re finished, click the Submit button.
  • There’s nothing else you need to do once you’ve received confirmation.

To wrap up the question on how to set up business verification on Facebook Business Manager, you’ll receive an email notification to that effect saying that your review has been done and dusted. Checking your status at the Security Center keeps you in a position to ensure that you are going right.

Although all facebook business does not have to go through business verification it is an important step that should not be overlooked. It is recommended to get in touch with the facebook support team if you fail to get through with business verification.