It took us so many years to realize how technology has taken over our lives. Until the pandemic hit the world, anyone barely knew about Google meet or zoom. It was in 2021 that Google meet came to the limelight and people became more and more exposed to screen.

If you are one who is yet to get familiar with the features of Google meet on how to share screen on Google meet and stuff then this article is the perfect suit for you!

Google meet is a Google powered video conferencing app connecting the world in a jiffy. Every one out of two individuals has access to Google meet. But not all know how to access the slew of features it provides which includes a share screen on Google meet.


Google meet can be easily accessed from all interfaces in all devices. In order to set it up in your desktop ,android or even iphone all you need to do is get the application from the app store, download it and you  are good to go.However,it provides an alternative to this in the web browser. As Google meet can be accessed directly from the web browser. But this involves risk when the browser is subject to virus attack. That is why it is always wise to keep an application to have easy access.


Sharing screen is one out of the many features that Google meet seeks to provide. But these features come with confusing buttons. There is no such feature which says “share screen in Google meet, instead it is “Present now”which can easily mislead a user.

In Google meet it is in the bottom of the screen as a box with an above arrow mark.


The share screen in Google meet allows you to share your screen especially if you intend to present your screen during a webinar or an office presentation for that matter. The sharing screen feature of Google meet is popular among the students, teachers and even in the workspace. Just tap a button and you can share either apportion of the window or go for presenting the entire screen. However it has to be kept in mind that a stable internet connection is required for the sharing screen in Google meet to function smoothly.


Although the position of the share screen button varies from device to device, the function remains unchanged. Video conferencing experience is any day better on a big desktop screen than a mobile screen any day.Thus it is imperative to know “how to share screen in Google meet on desktop?”


Join Google meet meetings either through a meeting code or starting an instant meeting whatever suits you.

Then in the toolbar section at the bottom of the page click on the present now button.

Once clicked a small screen would pop up saying how you should share your screen. It has three options.

A window

Your entire screen

Or a web

Choose from them whatever suits your taste.

Click share and your screen will be shared.

After that you can share your screen efficiently but yes a good connection is the prima facie.

In order to stop sharing your screen, you can click on stop presenting that will close the window you are sharing.  Find out how to share screen on Google Meet on Desktop.


In mobile phones the Google meet app can be accessed either by downloading it from the app store or from the meet tab in the Gmail whichever is convenient.

Join the meeting or you can start an instant meeting.

Then in order to share a screen click on the three dots on the bottom right corner of the screen or anywhere in the center or left.

Then choose the present now button from there in

Choose how you want to share your screen in Google meet and share.

You are good to go.

In order to stop presenting click on the stop sharing button.

This remains the same for iphone except for the option of START BROADCASTING which is start presenting the screen in iphone or ipad.Now you know how to share your screen on Google meet in iphone.

However, before sharing your screen certain tips to share screen on Google meet.

You should always ensure that you have a good internet connection .In an unstable internet connection the Google meet share screen will not be up to the mark

It is always advisable to keep the system on DO NOT DISTURB MODE so that other participants in the meeting are not able to see your notification and you can keep everything private.

The audio of the system is in place.

However, nothing is out of difficulties. Google meet share screen cannot conform with your browser or even to your system or there can be a possible virus attack that can prompt the Google meet to malfunction.

If you are operating Google chrome from the browser and the share screen option is not functioning then it could be the outdated version that has to be blamed.

There can be any pre-installed antivirus application that is preventing your Google meet to function normally and preventing you from getting access to its features

Or it can be the case that the Google meet has not been updated to its latest versions.

Either you can choose e to share a part of your screen or a window or even chrome. Choose Select a Chrome tab if you want to display a Google document, Slides, or a web page. If you want to show a YouTube video or something similar, you can also choose to share your audio with this as well.

Google meet has been thriving in the market and has been able to stand out in the market despite its difficulties. At Least now you know how can I share screen on Google meet?