Although it sounds ironical facebook too has a tool called facebook secret conversation. Facebook in order to strengthen its security has introduced a daughter tool called secret conversation in order to start secret conversation on facebook. This feature has been designed thoughtfully keeping in view the needs and necessity of the time.

Anyone concerned about the privacy of their Facebook data now has a new tool at their disposal. In order to protect your Messenger discussions from eavesdropping hackers, government agencies and even Facebook itself, you can start a conversation on facebook.

However, it would be the tip of iceberg to view facebook as not without problems. Facebook secret conversation feature can malfunction manifested in the form of facebook not working. Alhough vexing, most facebook users have landed up with a frequently asked question as “How to start secret conversation on facebook?”

What is Facebook Secret Conversation feature?

Encrypted messages transmitted using the Messenger app are protected by the Facebook Secret Conversation feature on

Facebook. Encrypted messages are meant to be sent between two people who can only see the contents; to everyone else, it just looks like a jumble of random characters. Secret communications can’t be read by hackers, governments, or even Facebook itself, according to the social network. Facebook would have a difficult time deciphering messages, and it is unlikely that the company would offer any information.

According to privacy groups and industry experts, authorities should only be able to decipher encrypted communications if they have search warrants. Only the Messenger apps for ios, Android, and Windows Phone can access the Facebook secret conversation. Keep in mind this feature is not available in the Messenger app or on the Messenger website.

Where is secret conversation available on Facebook?

Secret Conversion is a smart way of encrypting your private conversation in facebook and can be accessed through the following:-

  •     Create a facebook account and open Messenger to access this feature.
  • Open the Messenger app and pick the compose message icon in the upper-right corner to begin writing a message.
  • You’ll be given a list of all of your friends and acquaintances to choose from. Make sure you’re in this section by pressing the

“Secret” button (on an Android, it’ll say “Secret” and on an Android, it’ll look like a padlock) in the top-right corner.

How to start a secret conversation on facebook using facebook secret conversation feature?

This feature in Facebook Messenger that allows you to keep your messages private and secure.

  •     Pressing the button in the upper-right corner will activate the private communication option for you to use.
  • To begin, tap on the individual with whom you wish to have a private conversation. Only one-on-one communications are allowed; no clandestine group chats are allowed.
  •     When you select the person you want to communicate with, you’ll receive an invitation to join the conversation. As soon as the recipient receives the message, it will appear on their phone.

Confidential communications can be assured of their safety since they are “end-to-end encrypted.” It’s also possible to enable vanishing messages for the other party if you’re Facebook friends with them. Each message can be removed after a predetermined length of time if you specify a time limit for it.

How can you tell if someone has started a secret Facebook conversation with you?

The recipient will see a pop-up bubble informing them that they are now in an encrypted chat room if you send them a message using “Facebook secret message.” During a chat, the other participant will get a message under their profile image informing them that the conversation has been encrypted. It is possible that your privacy may be jeopardized even though Face book’s applications are growing more secure.

Is it possible to hide a conversation from the public on Messenger?

Facebook Messenger’s Secret Conversations feature is accessible on ios and Android devices and is fully private. Because this feature is not available on Face book’s website, you won’t be able to utilize it from a desktop computer. It is important to keep in mind that Facebook Secret Conversations are only available on the devices from where they were started. Even if you could, you shouldn’t. Even if you could.

If you want to start a conversation on facebook, with someone on Facebook, you must use the Messenger app. If you want to continue a conversation that was previously buried in the Messenger app, you can do so. When a conversation is locked, a small grey lock icon appears on the left side of the topic. Is Facebook not your favorite social media platform? Keep your conversations secret by utilizing one of the following encrypted messaging services.

How can you keep a Facebook conversation between you and a friend private?

Even though most people mock facebook for being the last tool on the planet to keep anything private. It does!

  •     On your smart phone, go to the Facebook Messenger app and choose “Open.”
  •     In the upper-right corner of the screen, select the pencil icon.
  •     In the upper-right area of the screen, click on Secret.
  •     This is a key step in establishing a private conversation.
  • Any messages you type will be lost if you don’t save them within 10 seconds.
  •     If you wish the messages to disappear after a predetermined amount of time, you can set a timer. Facebook, on the other hand, would be the last place to turn for privacy concerns.

Facebook has been prone to malfunctions from day one. Facebook not responding to the users command have been persisting conventionally. Over the course have been victims to cyberattacks, where such miscreants leak a private chat in order to bully that person. However, it has attempted to meet the demands of the present moment. As cyber attacks become more widespread in the millennial era, Facebook secret conversation function has been designed to protect users’ privacy.