Tax computing software has a huge name because of the services it provides. Imagine just updating the software, and all your calculations could proceed quickly. But, you may face issues just as TurboTax not working 2018. If your software is not working or responding correctly, you can check out a few significant points that might prove fruitful to you. You must also keep yourself updated if the other users are also facing the same issue, then there could be a possibility of the TurboTax website not working.


  • Expiry of subscription of TurboTax
  • Presence of windows files that are corrupt
  • Damaged Windows Registry Key permission
  • Virus or Malware attacks
  • Low Memory
  • Space issues in hardware
  • Manufacturing defect

Want to fix TurboTax not working on Windows 10: Read the steps

  • Begin with going to the Task Manager
  • Find process tab, now locate the Intuit Update service and then end the process
  • Now, on the Details tab, you must identify the MSlexec.exe and then select it
  • Now, you can click on ‘end task,’ and then you must reinstall the update

Ways to fix on Windows 7

  • Right-click on the TurboTax icon
  • You must select the properties now
  • Under the option of compatibility tab, check the box ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for.’
  • Choose Windows 7 and then select run as an administrator

You can also use the TurboTax Setup File in compatibility mode to fix it on Windows 7

  • Use Broadband Internet Connection, as its signal is strong
  • The router should be connected securely
  • Try to use e-filing during the off-peak hours
  • Avoid e-filing during peak hours, that is, mid-January or mid-April
  • Update the new version so that new features
  • Check out the browser’s cache, and cookies must be cleared
  • Be sure about closing the background apps
  • Defragment and clean the system’s hard drive
  •  Keep your Windows updated
  • Update the system’s security software to improve its protection and security
  • Remove unused apps and software from your system

Easy ways to fix TurboTax Update Error

If you are trying to find why is TurboTax not working, then another reason could be to update error which is most common yet problematic. Now, here you can check out a few essential instructions that will help you fix TurboTax Update Error, have a look!

Reasons behind the occurrence of this issue

There are many reasons behind the emergence of the issue; a few of them are:

  • Deletion of Windows Registry entries done by any other program which is installed on your computer already
  • Missing Software updates from the Microsoft.NET Framework 4
  • Inappropriate or wrong configuration of the internet or the wireless router
  • Technical snags associated with Internet Service Provider or Intuit Server

These must be one of the ordinary yet annoying reasons that affect your TurboTax and do not allow it to work efficiently.

Want to fix this? Have a look!

  •  You must keep your backup of tax file data on a drive or any external hardware disk
  • Now, you can use any tools that are available to fix the issue
  • Next, you must update the TurboTax
  • Now, you must install the windows updates
  • Make sure it includes the latest security updates and the latest Microsoft .NET Framework 4 updates
  • You can simply try updating TurboTax just by clicking on ‘check for updates
  • If you are unable to do it, then try to update it manually.

Remember, checking out these steps and implementing them would be beneficial for you only. Follow the steps one by one, you will get a proper solution, and it is almost sure that you will be able to troubleshoot the significant issues and find ways to resolve TurboTax not working.