Email users worldwide often complain about Verizon email not working on Android and Verizon email not working on iPhone. Issues with Verizon often interrupt easy calls, internet use, texting, and a lot of other issues. If you are unable to use your Verizon phone, there is a chance that there are various problems that are affecting more than just your phone. You need to take a look at the Verizon site if it is down, as it can be for many users. This does not occur often, but there are times when Verizon may be down in some areas and even for large numbers of users. In this article, we will discuss in detail what causes such type of issue and most importantly, the various possible ways to fix the issue.

Possible Reasons Causing this issue:

Verizon email errors are not very hard to fix as there are some easy troubleshooting techniques to solve them on your own. But before trying to solve them, we should be aware of the underlying causes. Look at the following reasons listed below:

Incorrect email credentials:

If you are using a Verizon email account, it is important that you enter the correct email ID and password to log into your email account. Until you provide the correct login credentials, you can’t log into the email account. In case you have lost or forgotten your login credentials, go to the Verizon account recovery page and follow the on-screen instructions provided to recover them.

Complaint about hacking:

There might be instances that your Verizon email account might get hacked. If such is the case, it is difficult to recover your account details even if you provide the correct login ID and password. You can report such an incident to Verizon and get immediate assistance to regain access to your Verizon email account.

Upper- and Lower-case problems:

We all know that passwords are case-sensitive. It means that it is a mandate to enter the correct case form of the password. You must ensure that the password is written the exact way in the upper case and the rest in the small case.

Issues related to the Browser:

Issues related to the web browser you are using, such as outdated web browser or excessive accumulation of cache files and cookies can lead to Verizon email issues. It is important that you keep a constant check on these files and don’t let them accumulate to a huge extent. You can go to the browser settings and remove these unwanted files from the web browser you use.

Unstable Network Problems:

It is extremely crucial to have a strong and reliable internet connection. So, you need to be very careful about the online service you opt for. If you are facing any difficulties while loading Verizon email on your device, ensure that the device is connected to the internet either wirelessly or with a wire. For mobile devices, check if the cellular data is turned on. In some cases, a glitch in the Verizon email server can also trigger issues. You can visit websites like ‘’ to check the status of Verizon email. If the server is down, there’s nothing that you can do apart from waiting for the issue to get resolved on its own.

Forgotten or lost email password:

Instances might occur when you lose or forget the login password of your Verizon email account. In such cases, until you provide the correct password, you can’t log into your account. However, you can recover your login password by accessing the Verizon password recovery page. Just provide your alternate email address or the phone number and share the verification code followed by a click on the password reset link.

Inappropriate configurations:

Just like having access to a reliable internet connection, having accurate IMAP/POP configuration for your Verizon email account is important. Ensure that the Incoming Server is set to IMAP, the Server hostname is “”, the port number is set to 993, Outgoing SMTP Server hostname is “, and the port number is set to 465.

Verizon email not working on Android: Users often ask why they face Verizon email not working on Android devices. The following steps may help you solve the issue:

  1. Turn on the internet connection.
  2. Go to the Settings option of your device.
  3. Select the About section under Settings.
  4. Click on the software information.
  5. Select the software update option. The device will automatically check for available latest updates.
  6. Reboot your device to complete the saved changes.

Undermentioned is a list of some of the additional reasons why you’d encounter issues with the Verizon email account:

  • Presence of outdated third-party applications
  • Incorrect server settings
  • Incorrect account login credentials
  • Disabled SSL certificate
  • Cache and cookie

Knowing the underlying causes of this issue, we can move forward to resolve the same. The resolving process is, however, different for different devices. So, it is important to keep in mind which device we are trying to fix the problem in.

  • Verizon email not working on iPhone:

It is quite easy to solve the problem of Verizon email not working on iPhone. If you face this problem with the latest iPhone 13, try using the newest version. This will help you to fix the Verizon email not working issues on iPhone 13. Generally, your email is either due to the outdated versions of the old server settings. So, to prevent that, you need to verify the settings. In addition, you must ensure that your iPhone is properly connected to the internet. If you are using Chrome as your internet browser in the iPhone, try removing the cache files, cookies, and browsing history to resolve the Verizon email issue on the device. Enlisted are some easy steps that will help you solve the issue easily.

  1. Tap on Chrome to open it on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the three vertical dots at the upper-right-hand corner of the Chrome window.
  3. Select ‘Settings’ from the list of available options.
  4. On the left-hand panel, under the ‘Settings’ tab, tap on ‘Privacy and security.
  5. Tap on Clear browsing data and select a time range at the top.
  6. Checkmark all the three options appearing on the screen and tap on ‘Clear data’

If you do not get your issue solved through the above-mentioned processes, you can get technical from Verizon itself or can talk to Verizon officials in person via platforms like Verizon Chat Help, Facebook, Facebook messenger, Twitter, Fios facebook, Fios Twitter, YouTube, or Verizon forum.